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  1. Yes maybe they will add to the site after the E3 expo I can’t wait to see what they will bring out then. Nice Avatar by the way Gazdude I saw some of that program today I forget what it’s called. Edit: Naruto that’s what it’s called, back to topic then.
  2. And my second attempt was not ? or should it be 100% without any mistake ?
  3. Bah who cares the game looks good. And the forums are here for gaming not an English lesson
  4. Ok here is a re-write as I was so angry at you nit picking the game b4 its even out I did rush to type down what i was thinking. You guys make me laugh are you from the Tiberian Dawn period or TS period or are you all from the Generals Saga. Obviously they need to have this sort of protection from Tiberum and other weapons. Ok maybe bring the shoulder pads down a little and who’s to say they don’t have a helmet that comes over the top for protection.
  5. You guys make me laugh are you from the TD or TS period or are you all from the Gens Saga of cors they need to have this sort of protection from tiberum and other wepons ok may be bring the shoulder pads down a little and whos to say they dont have a helmit that comes over the top
  6. Bliss

    Michael Jackson and his downfall

    Yeah he moonwalked right over the edge and is still falling
  7. Bliss

    1 TB email account.

    may i ask why
  8. Bliss

    XCC Mix extractor-cant find file???

    The music from tib sun is in scores.mix file Does any 1 know if its possible to extract the maps
  9. This is just the first of the a long string of updates going to happen all this month as CD is being worked on 8+ hours a day. First ,The new Cabal; which is totaly 3D: CGI of The GDI SpaceStation walkway to the new EVA: Note: The walkway is not Done Yet. And most importaint the Secret Project: Crimson Dawn now has its own EXE!!! Note: The exe's graphics are not completly done but they are close and the image in the lower right is a movie not a freeze frame. What Does this mean? 1.)I completly control the game with only the fare extents of the sage engine holding me down. 2.)No CD needed anymore (Now that have my own exe no cd will be required, please note: depending on my permissions I may have to make a cd requirment or make it dependant on a new CD) New Features: 1.) Built in World Editor (go strait to the world builder for the exe) 2.) Cheat Menu (you will have to beat the game to unlock it) 3.) Exe uses DirectX9.0C and comes with a DirectX 9 installer 4.) Movie Viewer (which will allow you to watch the moves from the game, also only unlocked after the game is beaten) 5.) Auto updater (under the options menu the exe can auto update it self if a new version is out.) 6.) Music JukeBox (this will allow you to listen to all of CD's new music I may even include the old sound tracks for the other CnC) 7.) Anything else the communty may want if you have a good idea let me know. If you could post this on the main page i would be very greatfull thx :wink:
  10. Bliss

    Biggest quake in 40 years.

    on the news it just sed 80,000
  11. Bliss

    GOTY Thread

    Half life 2 piff what is it with that game i just dont get it why dont we change the name of the site to HL2NZ .. All i see in that game is these lil monsters runing around in some weird place i prefer to shoot humans ! :wink:
  12. you are joking right it comes with the game its called world bilder
  13. i would neva start a war between the 2 im just saying i was treated unfairly