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  1. deathbyair

    Favourite Low Tech Vehicles

    The titan is best but because u didnt post i picked heavytank
  2. deathbyair

    the base

    Oh and when u get to the base build everything and litter the ground with towers. theres enough tib around to build a city
  3. deathbyair

    TD VS RA

    old skol c&c rocks
  4. if it doesnt come out until february march next yeatr ill ahcve to kill someone.......
  5. deathbyair

    Do you read books?

    i love books from stephen t ambrose
  6. deathbyair

    The Hitler Downfall

    if u want toknow more send me an e-mail with ure e-mail adress.
  7. deathbyair

    The Hitler Downfall

    i saw the movie a couple days ago and it rocks i live in germany and i can speak fluent german if u want to know more send me ure E-mail adresse to my e-mail account [email protected] thx to all who do!!
  8. deathbyair

    The Return of Everybodies Least Favorite Person!

    haha snort lol
  9. deathbyair

    What should C&C 3 be about.

    I think the next game should be like 20-50 years after the GDI NOD war with new weapons and structures wear both of them ae at it again but the mutants have gotten so strong that they arre now also designated a world power and can also be chosen as a faction. And most importantly the fight goes to other planets. It'd also be cool if u could play single player and do universe conqering or summat.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The future is in the past the past is in the future. KANE.. so called messiah of earth
  10. deathbyair

    Which Tanya would you date?

    definatly ra2 tanya ------------------------------------------------------------ W00t Shake it baby!! w00t :oops:
  11. i still play tiberian sun and a little renegade but mostly now i play call of duty (im waiting for the expansion pack, wich come out in september or october maby novemeber) and metroid (im w8ting on metroid prime 2 to come out) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :lol: Go samus!!
  12. thierry i would beat you in this game
  13. hhuhuhuhuhuhu????
  14. tell me what is easyer to defend con yards or a very weak dozer???????????????