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    What is the issue?

    Well, now the only new thing that I would like is the fact that the E.V.A voice will get distorted when your health is getting low(maybe the crawler health). They could have added that to RA3(the Conyard having the so called advisor thing, if the conyard was destroyed, then no more radar and you lose your advisor voice thing, lower health would also distort the voice as well).
  2. Well, if C&C4TT was going to be just like what C&C3 was supposed to be(having the sidebar, MCV, basically what made C&C games, before Westwood got disbanded), I would accept it. But, since they basically removed nearly everything that made C&C in C&C4, it doesn't deserve that title. I think they are just using it because they want the people who thought Westwood Studios could do better to be happy. What am I saying, of course they do, oh wait, nah. They don't really respect the dead company anyways. It was just voted by the people. Unrelated, but can I use your signature about interest in C&C4?
  3. ForcedDj

    Command & Conquer 4 Gameplay Details

    I said this on the GR forums, and I will say it here, at first I was going to try it out, but after seeing this, its only a C&C game by name only. It basically removed everything that made the Tiberium/Tiberian series. Hell, I don't think it should be called by its subtitle(it doesn't deserve it).
  4. Like: Mostly the end of the series, campaign, new units, 5v5, GDI's guardian image gets desecrated. Bad/dislikes: Online only(lets see, if your internet goes down, you don't have internet, or your internet sucks, sucks to be you) The new gameplay mechanics(becoming a C&C game by name only, Crawlers and no more Tiberium fields is bad) Objectives in multiplayer(unless they have the usual battle, FFA, team game modes) The fact that 5v5 was here first and RA3 got 3v3 only(doesn't really count though) The fact that when this comes out, C&C3 and RA3 is now dead to ea Might be unoptimized as hell.
  5. 1. Again, few problems, namely the whole "not everyone has flos/cable/dsl)" problem. Some have 56k, or worse, 26.5k(or whatever its called). I don't have one, might get dsl soon because family is getting poorer(or even no internet). So I can't play C&C4 because my family doesn't have internet, good work ea. 2. Not the same. Base building/MCV made C&C, well, C&C. I can't consider the defensive crawler a version of base building. 3. Why nodes? Isn't the planet supposed to be infested with tiberium? Yes, I know that GDI has managed to combat it because they got help, but hopefully there is a huge amount of tiberium or has tiberium fields you can harvest(then again, no base building, so how the hell are you going to get them). Anyways, I am still not convinced that C&C4 will be a good game. Hell, I won't buy it, or play it. After 1-2 years, I think that it will go the way of C&C3, RA3, and all the other games in the dead C&C series(no more support).
  6. ForcedDj

    Favourite RA3/Uprising Unit!

    You don't have to say those last 4 words. For humor, I think Combat Engineers and Akulas. For attacking enemies, none.
  7. ForcedDj

    Shogun Battle Ship

    Did you realize you bumped a topic when they we're OP? 1. In patch 1.12, some people now say they are the WORST tier 3 ship. They claim, or say that the Dreadnought and AC can destroy it with/without the protocol. The only way it could beat them is ramming it or microing to use both cannons. I think it is now slower, weaker, and has less health(I know it has less health). 2. Dreadnought missiles can't be shot down, same as V4s. So your buildings are in danger or screwed. 3. It seems like the Allies are starting to get Naval superiority. Before, they did(patch 1.11) with the AD bug, but in patch 1.12, I don't know.
  8. ForcedDj


    Yes, it does seem too soon, but what would you want to see in RA4? No gamespy Options for skrimish/online(INCLUDING NO SW/UWs) Sidebar/MCV Optimized and not having a huge amount of bugs(basically, take longer than 1-10 months working on this game). Longer campaigns. More commando missions that can also fail if you LOSE your commando(no money, no base, kick some ass or fail). Spend more money working on the game instead of actors and ads Ore fields/gem fields. The Allies LOSE THIS TIME(and no, don't pull the time machine story again). They won 3 wars(5 if you count the war in YR and the Uprising war in Uprising), have them LOSE not a battle, but an actual war. Don't drop support after CnC5 or Generals 2 comes out(this happens when hell freezes over though, and CnC4 MIGHT be the end, but it could be a cash cow). What would you want for RA4?
  9. ForcedDj

    What Uprising campaign will be canon

    I won't be surprised if the Allies has their precious little company to bail them out and stay with them in RA4, and defeating both Soviets and Empire without damages. Reason: They are the good guys, and EA loves Allies so ****ing much. Personally, if I was able to choose what will happen in RA4, well, it kinda was the Allies Uprising ending, only this time, the last few battles they had against the Soviets and Empire were defeats(including when they were betrayed by the new leader). What's worse for them is that the Soviets is planning on invading Europe, the Empire is planning a new invasion on the United States, and Futuretech had to be disbanded due to **** that happened(basically, they lost their only advantage). And at the end(if they plan on sequels), the Allies has to deal with their defeat(and lost of technology) with either Empire or Soviet forces. In other words, RA4's canon ending has the Allies being defeated.
  10. Well, if you beat RA3 Uprising, you would know what happened, and it seemed like more of Firestorm/TW instead of Red Alert 3(doesn't really have a huge difference, because each faction fought against a different faction). So, what campaign or campaigns will be canon? In my opinion, it might be Empire and Soviets(or all 4), but I definitely know Allies will be canon(maybe just Allies, since they never lose). If the Allied campaign has to be canon, maybe modify it, have them LOSE the battle that happened at the last mission of Uprising(you should know what happens), and maybe have a weaker, normal, or even no Chronosphere. If that can't happen, maybe the company that helped them gets sued or is unable to help the Allies. And hopefully, in Red Alert 4, the Allies lose for the first time if they make an expansion game.
  11. Well, I may be a new member to CNCNZ, but why should I get a free copy of Uprising? Well, listen, I don't think I will get it, but I am trying my chances. I had been playing most CnC games, from Tiberian Dawn, to Red Alert 2, to even a demo of CnC3 and of course, RA3. Now, I would like to see how hard is RA3 Uprising, to see if I can handle it, if I own everything, or I am trying to calm myself and maybe cry while I am getting destroyed by 5 brutal enemies at once. That, and I can't buy it right now, plus, I want to see who or where the Empire commando was from, and of course, I want to see if the endings of Uprising are like RA3. I haven't tried the challenge in the CnC games yet, so I want to see how different it is or what kind of conditions are there in Commander's Challenge, or of course, if I will get raped by the AI. I like RA3, but I wonder if Uprising will make me start playing more Red Alert 3 and Uprising. Since I am getting tired of the game, and the SDK isn't out it.