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  1. Nearly every game has some kind of error for me. Is it just me? C&C95's colors don't display correctly. (Already saw the other thread on this, so I'll give that a shot.) Red Alert has the same problem. Tiberian Sun used to come up with an error that said something along the lines of "Some DLL files missing. Please reinstall.", but I just tried it again and it went to a black screen with an error message that said "Failed to initialize. Please reinstall.". Now when I click on it nothing happens at all. >_> Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge does absolutely nothing when I click on it. Renegade works! Generals/Zero Hour works, but I can't seem to play games over LAN with my brother on an XP machine. I have the unofficial 1.3 patch if that makes a difference. Do I have the worst luck, or what? >_>
  2. Hmm. That's pretty retarded. Was it the same way with XP? I never had any administrator problems with XP, so I just assumed it would be the same with 7. >_> By the way, thanks for the help, guys. I'm not completely computer illiterate, honest.
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    Now Playing - Games

    Playing Arkham Asylum for the first time. Amazing game. I hadn't realized how long it's been since I played a free-roaming game.
  4. I was hoping you'd reply, oh Lord of Old C&C Games. I am an administrator, as far as I know. >_> Is there a way to check? And, yeah, good call. I had actually tried running the game directly rather than through TFD menu, but I clicked game.exe. XD Oh well. So I guess RA2 works. Thanks.
  5. ...And, wow, does the campaign suck so far. These missions are not suited to crawler gameplay. How am I supposed to defend one thing on one side of the map while attacking something on the other side with such a severely limited number of units? Oh, well. I've beaten every game up until now, I can't stop just cause the going got tough. >_> Enough ranting, though. It's been awhile. How's everybody doing here at CNCNZ?
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    What's in your Rig?

    Meh, nothing important on this computer, anyway. Just games that I can install again.
  7. How convenient! Yeah, I'll give that a shot. I've gotta get a new disk first, though. Old ones broken, and apparently my friend's doesn't install correctly. >_> Not worth reinstalling Windows, though. >_>
  8. Wee_Ooh

    What's in your Rig?

    Ha, yeah, I may have overdone it a little, huh? >_> Oh well, it stays nice and cool. Pft, that's way more than enough. I have almost every game I own installed, and I'm only using about a quarter of it. XD
  9. Well I expected horrible, so nothing is definitely better than horrible. XD
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    What's in your Rig?

    Got a brand new Rig off Newegg in December. It was along overdue. Case: COOLER MASTER HAF X Mobo: ASUS Sabertooth X58 Processor: Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield 3.06GHz RAM: G.SKILL 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 Graphics Card: EVGA 012-P3-1470-AR GeForce GTX 470 (Fermi) 1280MB Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EARS 1TB Sound Card: Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY 550W Monitor: E-Machines 23" 1920x1080 Mouse/Keyboard: Microsoft SideWinder X4/X6 OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit I. Freaking. Love it. It's so great to finally have a computer that doesn't take a minute-and-a-half to load MS Word.
  11. Just finished both campaigns, and I gotta say, I wasn't really disappointed with the ending. My expectations were astronomically low (can something be astronomically low, or does that word only work with "high"? Doesn't matter; you get the picture.), so I okay with that ending. At least nothing horrible happened. Better yet, I don't have to play through that campaign ever again!
  12. Wee_Ooh

    Nod Obelisk of Light in Minecraft

    Ah, man. Beaten to the punch. :\ That's alright. I'll make a better one and post some screens here.
  13. C'mon, Luk3us. Quit pushing my topic around. That last sentence clearly classifies this as an 'off topic' topic. XP Eh, not too much. I stopped coming here when I got addicted to playing Medieval 2: Total War, which I was into for awhile. I don't play that too much anymore, but I'm working now. I got a seasonal job working the graveyard shift at a Wal-Mart distribution center. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 5PM to 5AM. X_x Luckily I got out early tonight. Yeah, it seems you have to be defense class a lot of the time in the campaign, just because the other classes have nothing to...well...defend with. XD I haven't played the final game online yet, but I enjoyed the multiplayer beta thoroughly. More than I enjoyed the classic games online, I think. The singleplayer aspect, however, sucks. XP
  14. XFD Oh, God...You guys are great. For the record, Luk3us, I thought it was bubblegum, big lips, or something else as well.
  15. Just got the email and I came here to post it. I should have known you'd already be all over it, Sonic. Too bad it's not one of the 'big four' shows they're doing, but I'm sure it will still be awesome. Wish I could go with you. XD
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    Now Playing - Games

    Psh, she was easy. How do you like HG so far? I think it's the best Pokemon game since Gold. >_>
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    Art Of Noise - A Time For Fear (Who's Afraid) Bet none of you have heard of them.
  18. Wee_Ooh

    What is everyone's favorite music artist?

    I've never heard of them.
  19. Wee_Ooh

    What is everyone's favorite music artist?

    Man, you're awesome. That list included almost every one of my favorite bands. As for my all time favorite, I'd have to go with Metallica. There are times when I listen to other bands more than them, but I always go back to Metallica.
  20. Damn, I don't have much luck winning contests around this place. But congratulations to the winners.
  21. I've hardly seen anyone from CNCNZ on recently, and I'd love to play a few rounds with you guys. Is there a time when everyone's free? Or maybe a better question would be: Is anyone even interested in playing?
  22. Eh, best I could come up with. Good luck everyone.
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    Now Playing - Games

    Star Trek Online. This marks the first time I'll be paying for an MMO. A truly sad day indeed. And tomorrow...POKEMON!!!
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    10000 Posts!

    This thread is officially awesome. Congratulations, DD. You'll forgive me if I find it difficult to find good things to say about getting 10,000 posts on a message board.