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  1. Sucks beyond imagination. At first I can't wait to play the game. Watch the intro and made my blood boils. And I like the soviet theme in the menu and how EA makes RA3 a bit retro. However though the horror begins when playing the game, this is what I found to be the most amusing in RA3: 1. THE ACTORS, WTF a BIT*** is doing in the screen. You know, I don't mind with that sexy outfit, but please, the actor really like se* mo*** actors. With all those stupid way of talking, especially Tanya. Where the FU** is the tomboy Tanya, this girl here in RA3 wears an eye-whatever-they-say-cosmetics and make her looks like a stupid goth bit*** that somehow slip on the battlefield. Oh God it sucks a lot. 2. The graphic, howdy, it looks like I'm entering a time machine and going back to to the 90s. The background texture is cool, but the unit and buildings are, ARGHHHHHHHHHH, beyond horrible. Admit it, graphic is an important factor to make a game enjoyable. Even RA2 graphic I personally think is better to fit for RA franchise. Just what the he** is with RA3 with all of those toy-like graphics 3. Gameplay, this one doesn't sucks a lot. There new things here and there like the co-op, but hell I think the gameplay doesn't meet the CnC standard. This is the first time I ever disapointed when playing CnC games.....CnC generals might sucks but I still like it, but RA3.......hell no
  2. J-Fire_Man

    Google Chrome

    whatever the browser is, I'll be happy if they don't user their own standards in interpreting web pages. As for google chrome, I have no interest on it other than being listed as one of the browsers for web testing.
  3. J-Fire_Man


    i'm beginning to wonder that there is a maniac slurping in the forums, you have a pretty weird thought, and taste, mina.
  4. J-Fire_Man

    The Question unanswered

    Ninja??? are you in a kindergarten or something??? Yeah, who will notice that a small island in south east australia is a country
  5. J-Fire_Man

    The Question unanswered

    wtf???? do you have a bump in your head?
  6. J-Fire_Man

    The Question unanswered

    holy mother, you still alive shah??? I thought you got blown up when killing cats
  7. J-Fire_Man

    Is this just me or the forums are......

    well, I agree, and also the content of the threads itself seem to be not as fierce as before. Well as I remember some times ago, the discussion is pretty interesting, especially when about the CnC games. Now I see that the CnC 3 forums is filled with short thread with well, a not so interesting content. It seems that the previous cbc general is discussed more than the present tiberium wars. or maybe the forum has lost some of its diehard cnc fanatic like the shah en thierry.
  8. Not as busy as a year ago???? I see that the forums are not as active as before. Could it be because the current CnC franchise can't achieve its predecessors popularity like Tiberian Sun or Red Alert 2? Or is people just got bored with CnC already???
  9. J-Fire_Man

    Russian Invasion of Georgia

    No, I will not argue using that, that would be a dumb statement. Whether it's democracy, communism, or whatever it is, I doubt it will not stop men from doing terrible things. You can see the world now, it doesn't matter whether the country is communist or democratic. It's the human itself, life lies in balance in my thought. It's just, Democracy is not the savior of the world, the savior lies within each men of the world. And I doubt people can be converted into one single idea, it's human nature to be different.
  10. J-Fire_Man

    Russian Invasion of Georgia

    you might think that freedom surpression is a bad thing, but one thing I know for sure, there is no single solution to solve mankind's problems. I hate when people say that capitalism and democracy is the way to get out of the mess. Solutions differs in each country.
  11. J-Fire_Man

    Pic of the Day

    Really??? I thought firefox is the easiest browser to deal with, as it has the-all-holy firebug, the life saver of web developer hehehe. Besides it seem firefox is the browser which follows the w3c standards the most mmmmmmm...........weird
  12. J-Fire_Man

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    Shivers - Armin Van Buuren
  13. J-Fire_Man

    Pic of the Day

    Found this while looking for cross-browser solutions, hell, it's true. I nearly have enough problem with Mr. Bill and his proud IE which seems to always going against the stream
  14. J-Fire_Man

    Russian Invasion of Georgia

    that would be dumb, it looks more like those neo-nazis wearing fake nazi atributes
  15. J-Fire_Man

    Russian Invasion of Georgia

    war means, more popcorn while watching tv, ha, I'M WITH RUSSIA!!!!! Rebuild the empire, can't wait for RA3