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  1. Red Alert 2 Crashes including yuri's

    I was about to post just that, It's not used to replace the main exe, as it would cause problems for more people... but I left it in there just in case.
  2. Patch Kills Red Alert 2 from HD

    Sorry, my patch only supports the English version of The First Decade. EA made a significantly different German version, my patch will not work with it.
  3. Is it necessary to buy a 4GB video card?

    if you are running a 3 monitor eyefinity / nvidia surround, then 4GB is a must for games like battlefield 3. On ultra with only 2x AA it uses 2600MB of vram, it goes over 3GB at 4x AA. Again, this is a game resolution in excess of 5760 px
  4. Cannot install patch 1.03 - 4 on Win 7

    I have had no troubles in 32 or 64 bit windows 7. Try running as admin, and disabling UAC. On another note, it works fine on 64 bit Windows 8 Pro.
  5. Cannot install patch 1.03 - 4 on Win 7

    That message would indicate a corrupt download. You said you tried have you tried downloading from different sources, so I'm not really sure how it has happened this many time.
  6. I wonder if it will use TFD 1.03
  7. I can't wait to pay even more for Command & Conquer Premium!
  8. C&C: Reloaded Version 1.0 Released

    FS-21 said that the GDI campaign will be coming soon in a future release.
  9. C&C: Reloaded Version 1.0 Released

    By far, my favourite mod of all time. Combining the one of the best RTS games (RA2) with my personal favourite (TS).
  10. Need Replacement Video Card

    if you want something really cheap but still average performance get an nvidia 620
  11. TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    Once I'm done with school (2014-ish) and I have more time, I will be doing a complete redo of TFD 1.04....a new one right from scratch. Sorry that its so far away though.....
  12. For the games that won't start and color issues I will point you to this thread Common Problems As for the patch containing invalid data, it just sounds like the download got corrupted, re-download from here and give it a go
  13. TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    *Updated 09/09/2011
  14. NZ C&C Fans: Grab C&C 4 for $20

    For Fans in the USA and Canada, you can get C&C 4 for $19.95 from the EA Store!
  15. Unfortunately if you compare gameplay from C&C 3 to C&C 4, you will be greatly let down.