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    Red3TV is Coming

    On Sunday, May 24th, Gamereplays.org will be releasing the the premier episode of Red3TV! Designed to revitalize the Red Alert 3 Community, Red3TV will hopefully become an exciting (weekly) feature on Gamereplays.org. To give a taste of what's to come, here is just a quick peek of what Red3TV has in store: Be sure to watch in High Quality! Designed to revolutionize the Red Alert 3 experience, Red3TV features: Red Alert 3 Community & eSports News! Interviews with Developers, Top players and Community Leaders! Video Tips of the Week! Gamereplays.org Red3TV King of the Hill tournament Coverage! Be sure to tune in on Sunday May 24th for the premier episode of Red3TV! Discuss this preview to Red3TV on our forums! Return to the Red Alert 3 Homepage