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  1. Voted for Generals, seems something like EA would do. But I kind of hope they'll reboot Tiberium.
  2. ErikKiller

    Number of fans chart

    Son, I am disappoint. I, too am, a Westwoodian, but I sense some improvement with the environment and the lore since C&C3, sure the gameplay mechanics are teh suck, but at least the world feels real. Oh sorry I forgot about RA3 - dumb move EA.
  3. Well, they DID say that mutants had an exodus. Which also means that they took all the lifeforms with them. lolz @ EA.
  4. ErikKiller

    What will happen to epic units?

    They need a history/continuity guy over in EA...
  5. ErikKiller

    C&C4 Beta

    Shall we have a discussion on the Beta? I myself found out today that I am IN the Beta. Testing it out now.
  6. ErikKiller

    Too late to get into the beta?

    We could always team-up Wee and beat it out of someone...
  7. ErikKiller

    C&C 4 Chem & Flame Trooper Wallpaper

    Thank-you Sonic
  8. ErikKiller


  9. ErikKiller


    Thanks! Hah, it's the scan from the magazine... I had to make it darker otherwise it had this... magazine paper glow to it.
  10. ErikKiller


    Thought I'll make something with both the troopers on them: 1024x768 | 1280x1024 | 1600x1200 | 1920x1200 Enjoy!
  11. ErikKiller

    Nod Crawler deployed and Nod Bikes pictures!

    Well.. uh... edge of a BZ? FIIIIIIINE a good looking Yellow Zone... I hope... BINGO!
  12. ErikKiller

    Nod Chem Trooper Concept Art!

    I must say, that kinda looks like the TF2 medic and TF2 heavy combined with the chem trooper of KW and with the classical TS soldier. Cool at least but some parts could have more detail...
  13. ErikKiller

    New Poll: The C&C 4 Debut Trailer

    Average at Best I agree with TheBlackOut and personally, the beginning was epic but the ending was kinda meh.
  14. ErikKiller

    Nod Crawler deployed and Nod Bikes pictures!

    Hmm... about that... that's either a: a ) desert Blue Zone or not so Tiberium infested area during the day b ) fail by EA to bring us TS-like ****ed up world