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  1. Hallo, I was modding RA2YR before a couple of years and now I would like to mod it again. I remember almost everything, but I can't add new unit into game by using TibEd. It was working before, I remember, but now I don' know how to add it. Below are my steps: 1. Add files into filebag 2. Add new unit (especially tank, so Vehicle Object Art) by copying from existed item. 3. Change Image into m1a1 (files are m1a1.vxl, m1a1.hva, m1a1barl.vxl, m1a1barl.hva, m1a1tur.vxl, m1a1tur.hva) 4. Add new vehicle into rulesmd.ini (copy and change Image in General#1 tab to M1A1 - name of my new item in artmd.ini) and AllowedToStartInMultiplayer = yes (for quicker text if working), Owner = Americans 5. Save changes to game and run it 6. Me = Americans vs. Easy enemy eg... 7. Start the skirmish game And tanks m1a1 are there, but they are invisible What I am doing wrong? Thanks... (sorry for poor english, I'm just 16 and not from english speaking country...)