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  1. Mine would have to be the Apocalypse Tank -The grappling hook/tractor beam with a grinder on the end of it, is brilliant! MCV running away? No problem! (as they are faster than the Apoc) -Big nasty guns -Disgustingly sweet when heroic! -Can take a beating -Wish they had anti air like the old Apocs/Mammoths What's yours? (pant, pant, pant) Peace!
  2. I'd have to say the Terror Drone -just dang fun! -sweet sound effect hehe -get to harass the enemy What's yours? (pant, pant, pant) Peace!
  3. Why me of course! Chitzkoi He was just too much fun! But for a regular unit I'd say the Missile Sub! -a bit expensive but well worth it! -atlast the sovs have naval bombardment! What's yours? (pant, pant, pant) Peace!
  4. Lets face it there have been dumb and useless units that Westwood and EA have made. Post which ones you think are the most retarded! An often humorous discussion These are the ones that I could remember that were the worst in my gameplay experience! I apologize if my rants are not entirely accurate Enjoy! 1. Reckoner (Kane's Wrath) HOLY CRAP! worst ever! the units cant shoot out while moving (yet they can when deployed??), it has to deploy for your troops to exit once they get inside! when it deploys or mobile it is easily destroyed and utterly useless! You feel like you just wasted your money as 6 out of the 8 'recks' plummet to a stand still as crappy bunkers on the battlefield during a rush. Your troops inside are surrounded by the enemy and they are far away from any potential help. the remaining 2 or so 'recks' carry on but quickly die from the withering enemy fire, as their mobile armour sucks even worse than a flame tank! Aren't these units meant to be fortifications??? they suck!!! good luck to anyone who uses em haha 2. Brute (Yuri's Revenge) holy crap you can have hundreds of these things, yet a fox-holed machine gunner can mow em down like grass! Think there is a post on youtube about it, hilarious video of mowing down brutes 3. Ambulance (Generals) good idea but with absolutely no armour! Its a friggn humvee, with most likely dying people inside! You think they would have put an extra layer of tinfoil just to make sure those atomic blasts don't get through! AHAHAHAHAHA ROFL 4. Toxin Tractor, okay what the crap? Unique yes, usable no. Yah thats gonna do a lot to a tank lol. It might be able to spray the buildings with anti corrosion liquid, as the corrosion would beat the tractor in destroying the bloody building! LOL I know its anti infantry, and I know they can clear a building but any missile wielding soldier can take out that farm vehicle at a distance! 'wake up general! I hear a funny spraying noise outside the window! What the hell? there appears to be a small farm tractor spraying something on the building, sir.' *'hey you! yes you, tractor chappy. when your done can do a quick spray on my car? the paint's beginning to peel.... that's it! thank you!'* 5. Saboteur (Generals) Lame! Has anyone bothered to micro-manage this slow idiot into an enemy's base? Sure he can power it down but an EMP pulse is way faster and you don't have to worry about this guy getting killed when you aren't watching! 6. Listening Outpost (Generals) Lame! You are literally signing those two guys' death warrant when you put them inside this slow, rickety vehicle 7. Angry Mob (Generals) I never could make them as effective as the computer opponents apparently could, even with armed upgrade, they just don't do enough damage, and if you have flame tanks or snipers, that mob is history! 8. umm what else... Well those are my worst experiences with CNC units. I luv the games tho, These are overall criticisms, as I know that the units mentioned can usually do one thing that is useful, except of course for the RECKONER!!! AHHHHH!!! LOL Didn't see another post for this yet, hope there isn't an existing one Make us all laugh! Peace!
  5. Tiberian Omega i thought it was good nuts! Pink pony wars was hilarious!!!
  6. chitzkoi

    SCII - Tricia Helfer to Voice Kerrigan

    Yah but her acting on TW? Ugh lol. I like the good 'Ol days of FMV actors, cheap and soooo much better haha Cheers
  7. My words are in simple English. I think 'frikkn' was the only non-english word, or any word for that matter. I didn't mean to use '***', didn't mean to offend anybody. Lots of other people use words on here like 'b****' (without the asterisks) and they aren't getting criticized... I have never sworn on here and never will And yes, I already talked to an administrator and apologized. It was an accident. So you can relax And Mal, I just meant I thought TT was a boring and somewhat cheesy name. My opinion obviously.
  8. chitzkoi

    PS3 Slim

    What a waste of people's money and time. You have got to be a little dumb upstairs if you bought the original and now are gonna buy this. And as if making it smaller makes the underselling console more successful? I don't think so. People want the games, they don't care about whether its a little smaller. At least I hope so I've always been a Nintendo fan anyway And, oh look! Since Nintendo has been owning the game, accessory and console sales, PS3 and XBOX360 are copying them with a launch of 'motion controllers'. Oh please. Get your own ideas haha And yet another shooter...... he he he Friendly post don't worry. I'm not ragging on anyone peace
  9. booooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiinnnngggg LOL the best was CNC4 EA's Revenge Well said! that cracked me up. Tiberian Twilight is [REMOVED BY ADMIN], frikkn fairy name. CNC4 Disembowelment! wuahahaahhaha
  10. The scorpion tanks look kinda odd. LOL. I mean they finally made them look like scorpions, but I dunno. Iffy. They should extend the range of the flametanks so they can get in on the action. But i guess in terms of realism, fire is like 200 feet, shell 2km, missile, 1000's kms, laser ?, well you get the picture Maybe wouldn't be fair. Wow the graphics don't even look upgraded from KW/TW. Glad to see more detail in the world, old missile silo etc, trees, blown up crud. Now wheres my derelict tank? hehe Hoofriggnray, Tiberium crystal! amazing! too bad we can't harvest it EA!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lol peace
  11. I haven't played the game yet of course But these are my likes and dislikes of what I have seen so far in reflection of the material available to us. Not judgmental at all... haha Likes -80 Units, through customization, but bad if that means like 10 units a side and like 4 different combos each. Lame. IFV anyone? -A close to the CNC saga. They kind of started to go downhill a bit recently game play wise, at least for me. KW was good, but it foreshadowed an inevitable doom for CNC, you just knew that EA had to switch it up, but not this much! lol -Not too many positives as of yet. Hope it will change! Dislikes -First and foremost, no offline modes. 100% online. That is a problem. What if the net goes down or goes slow? Result: can't play anything or choppy/laggy gameplay. Who wants that? Come on EA!!! -Not a fan of dynamic music. CNC3's music was forgettable and a ridiculous excuse for a CNC soundtrack, most likely EA's fault and not the composer's. Where's Frank when you NEED him? -Base crawling. What the crap! Sigh. This train is heading for a crash - Taking away too much of what 'IS' CNC. The reason I hate all other RTS, besides early AOE's. I want CNC game play and basebuilding and tactics, I don't want tried and failed gameplay experiments. Not back then and not now, especially with my favourite RTS's. -No harvesting, like what the crud??? I wish this was a big joke -Hmm 'objective based game play', don't know what to think as I don't have much info on this yet. But for single player missions a lot of RTS's have gone down this road I just hope it isn't mandatory lol. I want to build my base pump out some sweet units and go have fun unrestrained, u know? sigh. -Pop cap would be uber bad. If its 5 v 5 I can understand as you will overwork the engine, but it better not be less than like 30 units! But I guess it would discourage tank spamming. -RPG elements? meh, not really a fan for RTS. If I want RPG I'll go play an RPG. Though it depends on how 'RPG' these elements are Just so they aren't out of hand haha And on and on and on. But we'll see won't we
  12. Hope they chose mine Tiberium or Tiberian 'Omega' thought it fit the game and its cool peace!
  13. chitzkoi

    Official Red Alert X Screenshots

    Aren't they Apoc's not Emperors? hehe Yeah dang (nostalgic) I should play some right now. Luv the 'Ol V3 barrage. Sovs rule!!! Great post! cheers m8
  14. chitzkoi

    Malevolence X58 Classified Setup

    LOL true but Gigabyte kicks butt! and besides your ****e (cards, plugs etc, heatsink, etc) will cover up the nasty coloured n and s bridges, and the processor mount
  15. Mine would have to be the stealth tank -killer missiles with the tib tipped upgrade -they are fun to harass the enemy with -they can hit air units What's yours? (pant, pant, pant) Peace!
  16. chitzkoi

    C&C4 Graphics

    The heat distortion was cool And yes, they need to add more environment in the maps! I know these are just test screen shots or whatever, but I played TW/TW a lot, and I don't remember any trees or any grass, or any snow. I remember a lot of tib veins and lots of rocks haha. Make some new things for us to enjoy EA Flora and fauna baby
  17. looks like its got a main gun, an anti-air missile launcher, and at least 2 anti infantry guns Funky I like the AT-AT look
  18. chitzkoi

    What's in your Rig?

    Proc: AMD X4 Q45 BE 3.3 or so GHZ Overclocked Ram: OCZ 4x1gb DDR3 (4gb) Cooling: Zalman Hard drive: Samsung 1TB 32mb cache 7200, and a WD 250gb 7200 external for music etc. Graphics: Two HIS Ice-Q 3870's crossfired. MB: Gigibyte MA 790FX-DQ6 Drives: Two LG dual layer crazy whatever crud, they work great and I can get em for $20 no complaints Power supply: PC Power 750 watt OS: Vista Ultimate 64bit (not upgrade), got it for $180, so not too bad Mouse: Logitech MX510 (best mouse ever! love the design Keyboard: Logitech G15 Sound: Blue Sky 2.1 Monitors. Best sounding speakers I've ever heard and in a better price range than $3000 Genelec's lol. Soundcard: M-Audio Fasttrack pro. XLR's right into my gear Ibanez SDGR 905, Ampeg SVT PRO (head), Ampeg 810 (cab). Amung other guitars and gear. Disgusting!!!! thought I would share Screens: 22" LG W2252TQ and a BENQ 17" FP731 (old lcd but hey it works Case: Thermaltake Armor, got some sick fans and some funky lights just for kicks Umm I think I built the hardware at about $1200 CDN or so, roughly, maybe a bit more Peace!
  19. chitzkoi

    C&C4 Graphics

    I love graphics and all the little details, but when it comes down to it, it is and foremost the gameplay that counts. Everytime 'looks great but isn't fun' well that would blow wouldn't it? haha I don't mind the graphics, they look a little better than TW/KW. Same engine I hear but it still looks like a small improvement Though I can't really tell from screenshots I need to play it or atleast see a gameplay video cranked What do you think Volp? Peace!
  20. chitzkoi

    Games to get - 2009

    I can't remember, but they confirmed about a month ago that Diablo 3 would be released before SC 2. That's what I heard, hope its true haha, at least for me Official as far as I know. No date, but before SC is a good tip. So before 2013, ahahaha
  21. chitzkoi

    Games to get - 2009

    Games I'm waiting for: 1. Half-Life 2 Ep 3. I can't wait! Borealis here I come!!! Fantastic. I love cranking the sound effects with my rad monitor speakers! It makes me wanna drool when I fire round after round of the machine gun. Ant Lion Defense (Ep2), favourite for hearing those frantic and amazing sound effects! Valve is brilliant Soo out in 2015 maybe? Ahahaha. Delay kings surely. 2. Diablo 3. Again its hard to wait, hope it comes out before Spring 2010, glad to hear its coming out before Starcraft 2. 3. A fantastic fun, violent and pinpoint accurate shooter on the Wii and btw, yah Grand Slam Tennis would be fun! 4. Football Manager 2010, I'm not desperately in need as of yet, cuz 09 is sick! 5. Star Craft 2 6. CNC 4, down here at #6 cuz I don't have enough info on it yet And I'm still skeptical unfortunately 7. Hidden & Dangerous 3, I wish they would make it haha. Probably will never be made Booo! HD2 was so much fun! 8. Generals 2, just because I like the different game play and style Hope EA doesn't butcher it 9. Red Alert 3 Multiplayer Expansion, or RA4 with some sick MP abilities! Factions, powers, units, buildings, etc! Come on EA. Uprising should have had this! I can't think of any others really at the moment!
  22. chitzkoi

    Malevolence Polls! (C&C4 Stealth Tank)

    Agreed Well said bro
  23. chitzkoi

    Malevolence X58 Classified Setup

    True Noctua's fans are ugly but they are quiet. I have a Zalman heatsink, it is awesome! the one with full fin with large fan inside it common design I know. But with the design of my case it becomes a wind tunnel. My bro has a Noctua heatsink and all fans and I think the design is a bit better for cooling (on the pipes). The only reason he went with Noctua is for his Audio recording computer, to make it stupid quiet. So Noctua everywhere, and a special very quiet tower One thing that is a relatively newer idea, because of the creation of more special tower cases, is to have larger (12" +) side exhaust and intake fans They turn a lot slower than 2000 rpm and can push more air, with it being quieter! (as long as its a good fan) Yay! The cases I believe are expensive though, anyway you go you have to spend money to get good cooling Yes 100% get a good motherboard! That's the number one thing to spend money on. Bad motherboard, 'you're gonna have a bad time. If you fall down, you're gonna have a bad time.' LOL Southpark Episode: Aspen No problem (for posting my recs) glad to be of help. You should be able to pick out what you need with everyone shooting each others recs down. Only a few have survived the onslaught The I7 Peace m8
  24. chitzkoi

    USB 3.0, Serial ATA 3.0!

    I wanna get one of those 800gb jump drives size of the end of your finger guy brought one in yesterday, it was sick! $30 CDN from Japan. I wanna buy like a billion of em and charge like $150 a pop!
  25. haha Those Hexectic videos on youtube ablout most useless unit, are brilliant. lol the thief, true they can get you some cash but are hard to get into even a modestly defended base watch the vids -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3_GgerMmJM part 1 -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U9pPU-RLhc&feature=related part 2 the magic starts here and the laughs cheers m8s