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  1. Daisy

    Stargate meets Zero Hour

    How does it seem so? Couldn't it be that we are simply not amused? The only similarity between the two images is the presence of a fighter jet and the camera position relative to the plane. It looks more like an f-15 from the silhouette anyway.
  2. Daisy

    Stargate meets Zero Hour

    Those pictures in the first image are public domain and pop up everywhere. And I can't see much similarity between the plane in the second image and the plane in the Raptor cameo.
  3. Daisy

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    Sigur Ros - Saeglopur
  4. Not counting genpowers? K. USA: Laserlock (when there's no ECMS) S&D Vees China: horded TH, nuke cannon, flank bunkerlix, lotus, overlord (China's overlords are actually more resilient overall since they are affected by the Subliminal Messaging upgrade) GLA: tech-terror, RPGbus, JK, scud launcher (or just mass-attack after angling and kiting them into your territory) The Emperor is a staple unit, and it's pretty versatile, like all the overlords, but it's no match for the nuke overlord and you need Gatt/TH+ECM backup at all times. Generally, you'd use the emperor as an anchor unit when you need to fend off tanks and vees but don't have an airfield.
  5. Daisy

    Get MW 4 free.

    When I think of MechWarrior 4 I think of Mechwarrior 3, and thus I think of how hard they nerfed the Daishi. Still, this is friggin amazing. I wonder how well it'll work online?
  6. Well, ZH contains 15-20 stand-alone units that can be considered all-powerful and imbalanced, and the Emperor isn't one of them My favorite unit is the RA2 Tesla Tank. And I also love any mod that prevents it from being totally worthless.
  7. Daisy

    Most useless CNC unit ever!?

    You got me. How long does it take for the building to get killed, 10 seconds? It's like the nuke from Starcraft except it takes no effort to stop unless you're totally out of units and aircraft. And it kills one building at a time. I made sure to explain that Boris is almost worthless without support - given the frontline role he's confined to, while YP and Tanya are both much more capable of functioning without backup. In small-scale micro battles Boris might do well, but those battles don't exist at lab level in YR. This thread isn't about individual unit strengths, it's about practical application. I'll admit that Boris is flexible compared to the other two heroes especially when there's very little naval presence, but the problem is that everything he tries at, he's too slow in accomplishing. Not in a large-scale tank battle it doesn't. Not that I'd get YP when I could just use masterminds and magnet stops to prevent anything from ever advancing on or away from my tanks. Hero units will never engage entire groups of tanks alone unless they're doing a suicide run into a retreating group (which Boris can't do). In order for Boris or Yuri Prime to stand a chance in a stand-up frontline battle they'll need to have an army of tanks built around them. Boris has the power to prevent advances and soak up shots for the rhinos, which each deal more damage than Boris. As long as the lashers (no MMs yet) are not in full retreat, YP can guarantee the death of the first unit to enter his weapon range and some wasted shots for the enemy tanks, then retreat immediately as his army's tanks advance, making it impossible to catch him unless you've got a sniper in the mix (which nullifies Boris just as hard).
  8. Daisy

    Most useless CNC unit ever!?

    1. This is true. Sorry I didn't specify. 2. Irrelevant since "tanks" in RA2/YR refers to the spammable, mobile MBTs that Tanya has the unique ability to intercept except when they're en masse or are accompanied by solid anti-infantry. 3. If they're placed too close together for Tanya to handle, you probably shouldn't be attacking the area in the first place. 4. All factions get water transports and Boris is useless except when on dry land. That's not an amphibious unit and Tanya isn't an aerial unit. If you're not going to take tactical combinations into consideration than Boris is pretty far behind the other two heroes. 1. His D ability has a wider radius than that of the Yuri Clone. 2. His D ability also damages nearby vehicles. 3. I can only name one: the slave miner. 1. YP still performs it better since he can shut down the first unit that comes near him, but the mastermind and yuri clone still tend to be even better for that role. 2. If it's Soviet or Yuri Miners, it's compulsory that you stick to tanks.
  9. Daisy

    Most useless CNC unit ever!?

    Tanya ~vaporizes infantry ~instantly kills miners ~instantly kills tanks that get close ~can level structures in rapid succession ~is amphibious and can reliably kill unguarded capital ships ~can be airlifted, allowing attacks from an unexpected angle Yuri Prime ~vaporizes infantry, but can't shoot very often ~can deal substantial damage to clusters of vehicles at a time ~can level structures in rapid succession ~can earn you money ~is amphibious ~has no effect on certain core units (dogs, brutes, robot tanks, and drones) which counter him hard ~has no effect on miners Boris ~kills infantry and terror drones one at a time, fast enough to serve as anti-fodder ~can act as an anchor for a large group of tanks, or infantry though unable to deal substantial damage to them ~kept at the frontline due to terrain limits, making him planebait/prismbait/miragebait in SvA. ~can attack from long range with his siege weapon, only reliable siege in the Soviet arsenal until iron curtain ~vital in urban wars ~cannot perform siege without support due to long wait time ~negligible effect on miners I know I just broke my own argument, but Boris is still no match for the other two YR heroes when it comes to impact. ;D
  10. Daisy

    Most useless CNC unit ever!?

    Well, as easy to bomb to death as he is, I suppose he's more cost-effective than the v3 and demo truck when it comes to siege
  11. Daisy

    Most useless CNC unit ever!?

    It can work if the GLA doesn't have any tech micro. But the $800 you put into each Batt would be still spent better on Tank Hunters and gatts to cover the overlord's weaknesses and an airforce to hunt buggies and buses. Oh! Also, Boris (RA2) was pretty useless as far as heroes go. Tanya could slaughter miners in allied mirrors, YP could sell off an entire base if you were distracted, but all Boris could do is sit by and hope he didn't get swarmed by tanks. Which is false hope if you make him wait for the MiGs to show up.
  12. Daisy

    Most useless CNC unit ever!?

    Thought I'd share my thoughts. The three first titles are omitted since they were designed with multiplayer as an afterthought. Hijacker (vGLA, Generals/Zero Hour) This unit had the potential to turn the game around when it surprised an enemy, but the problem was it took so damned long to build and required a palace and a genpoint before they were available. China and USA were all but guaranteed to have counter-stealth in their mixes by the time these showed up (if you wanted to sacrifice your awesome genpoints for it) and you'd be better off with terrorists in technicals or demo traps in pretty much any situation these could be deployed. Stealthgen had vastly improved ones that were available at game start, but its older cousin is just pathetic. Sentry Drone (USAs, Zero Hour) Everything about this unit just screams "over-specialized". The Sentry Drone's pitiful detect range, terrible weapon upgrade, and backbreaking deploy logic meant it could only be used against the odd target that wouldn't fire back and came within close proximity. In groups, it could effectively hunt hero units and ambush flanking saboteurs, but the fact is that a Humvee with a scout drone was not only less expensive, but performed all the Sentry's roles with more mobility, firepower, and a wider detection spread. SWG and AFG had to pay EXTRA for these, plus, you needed to drop $1000 before you could even arm these losers with the weakest vehicle weapon in the game. Perhaps if USA had been designed with fewer "eyes" the unit might have worked out. Battlemaster (vChina, Generals/Zero Hour) Talk about pitiful. This unit, in its frailty and sluggishness, was a lot of free XP for the enemy no matter what their angle of attack was. A Listening Outpost could play the Batt's intended role better as well as its own. Even horded, the Batt was extremely vulnerable to so many kinds of attack and only stood a chance on the battlefield if the enemy had completely forgotten to build rocket infantry, which was never the case with any faction. V3 Rocket Launcher (Soviets, Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge) The collective uses for this unit are to attract fire from enemy GGIBFs (which tended to prioritize air units) and destroy civilian structures across bridges. It could not accomplish either of these without gratuitious numbers of rockets since the rockets were so damned easy to shoot down, and were decimated by anything from gun infantry to airstrikes. They were nothing more than an expensive liability. Tesla Tank (Russia, Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge) This is plainly a redundant unit. Tesla tanks had a higher DPS than Rhino Tanks and were never slowed down by walls, but were surprisingly frail in comparison and couldn't stand a chance against a horde of Main-Battle-Tanks from any faction since they wouldn't get any shots off as they tried to close the distance. The only remaining use for them outside of the occasional Iron Curtain base-rape was to hunt heros and kill fodder for your main tanks, but heroes were a rare sight and fodder only appeared alongside hordes of MBTs, the primary counter to these overpriced units. If you think that's bad, wait til you see how badly these things fare at battle lab level against the Allies or Yuri.
  13. Daisy

    What is the issue?

    The only complaint I have regarding Tiberian Twilight is that a lack of base-building will significantly reduce the depth of the gameplay and the total number of viable strategies, which can only be solved if the game is made incredibly micro-intensive. The excuse that EA's lead designer used was "we're looking to streamline the base-building system because we find that there are 'perfect BOs' shortly after our games are launched, and if you don't use it, you're branded a noob." First off, this has never been true. Even in TS and RA2 there were plenty of optional focus BOs that every player was capable of using and winning with, even at the competitive level, and if a problem had arisen, the designers were more than capable of fixing it through a patch. Second, removing it is just dumbing down the game for the casual masses. If TT wants to be taken serious competitively after this, it needs to up the lethality (which is currently dismal) harden the counter system, and make it into a complex micro RTT like WiC, and from the looks of it, that's not going to happen. I'm not gonna be first to buy this game, because I feel it's going to be outclassed HARD by the past games.
  14. DGNF is mostly dead and no one ever talks about C&C anymore, so I migrated over. I have 3000+ posts on DGNF under the handle Daishi, though I spend a lot more time lurking gamereplays.org for pro ZH replays. Despite my obsession with the C&Cs I can only play online through Hamachi due to ISP issues, but I'm ready any day to play anyone with as little online experience as me. I especially like mods (with the glaring exception of Shockwave), and have contributed to a few that specifically improved the unit and faction balance of Zero Hour and Yuri's Revenge. I am yet to leave a lasting mark on the C&C community, but I might still get a chance. :3