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  1. General Leang

    Most favorite C&C unit

    What units would you recommend over it then? For that matter, what are good counters to it?
  2. General Leang

    Demand of numerous CGI

    That is what I am saying. Say we had a fifty million dollar budget and forty million was for the GDI Commander to be John Cena or Toby McGuire or Darth Vader...wait, they already did that last one, and there would be no money or room on the disc for CGI cinematics, or indeed for the game itself. Zero Hour's final mission intro for USA was better than anything in recent games, how about a bit more thought in making good CGI and less on hiring actors\pro wrestlers\strippers to promote the game?
  3. General Leang

    Look mom I can drive! ^_^

    Think he would get a date with Reiko Nagase? You know, it is sad sad commentary when we have a seven year old boy who is a better driver than most adults on the road.
  4. General Leang

    Generals: A Look at the Censorship in Germany

    The **** is with the character redesigns? Changing Baghdad to Twin Swords, sure, okay, but this is taking things a little far.
  5. General Leang

    Favourite RA 2/ YR Unit!

    I just love listening to Tanya, she would be my fave unit, followed closely by Prism Tanks. For my money their range and damage make them the most effective unit in the game.
  6. General Leang

    Favourite RA3/Uprising Unit!

    I have yet to obtain Uprising, but I really like the Rocket Angels. A bit too expensive for their effectiveness, but without lots of anti air they are great fun to use.
  7. General Leang

    Most favorite C&C unit

    My favourite unit of all the games? I would probably have to choose the Emperor Tank from Zero Hour. Self healing, built like a bank vault, can kill just about anything in two shots, and gattling cannons for infantry. The biggest threat to it, about the only threat to it, is Jarman Kell sniping the driver, and that is easily countered with Red Guards. If you want an all powerful unbalenced unit this is the one.
  8. General Leang

    Demand of numerous CGI

    Hopefully EA will be able to resist hiring Ian McKellen, Hayden Christianson and Jo Guest in favor of cut scenes that are actually worth watching. The fact that the Ion Cannon CGI from the first game is more entertaining than Tanya mincing about in Red Alert speaks for itself.
  9. General Leang

    Cold War Crisis Europe

    Snapped it up, love it. Complete different take on anything in Command & Conquer. But HARD. I'm playing around with the skirmish mode and am seeing how I go with Little Birds, two each armed with cannons, rockets and missiles. I cannot wait until I get up the rank to use the MLRS and bombers.
  10. General Leang

    Splinter Cell Conviction Looking Awesome!

    From memory, the Playstation 2 and XBOX games did away with the Sarah storyline. For the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360, Lambert tells Sam after the first mission, which causes him to do things that would have him either expand his life or simply try and end it. Heck, the precious item for the training missions is a photo of Sarah. Are they gonna pull a Jill Valentine here? Tell me they are not going to do a Jill Valentine here.
  11. General Leang

    European Conflict June update

    That looks great.
  12. General Leang

    Game Soundtracks

    Galbadia Hotel has links to hundreds and hundreds of game soundtracks, though I have no idea of the legality of it. And http://www.vgmusic.com is an archive of most game music in midi format.
  13. General Leang

    Splinter Cell Conviction Looking Awesome!

    Wait, watching the trailer does this mean Sarah is alive? Was her death faked to get Sam to go undercover? What about all the stuff we first saw, will that still be in the game? Will 24 still be an influence?
  14. General Leang

    Sims 3

    I might get it but I need a computer upgrade first. And an upgrade so I can play around with mods and skins for Resident Evil 4 is a priority. Maybe when they make some groovy Sims (anyone for a Tigeress Leiong Leang?) then I would give it serious thought.
  15. General Leang

    Now Playing - Games

    Command & Conquers in it's various forms. Spent a few days stomping five hard Yuri armies on the Bay of Pigs map (I find Rocketeers trained to elite and Prism Towers and Patriots work well for defending, and taking out the airfields first thing before training up 30 Prism tanks to elite for each base) and am currently seeing what new Zero Hour mods might be worth a try.
  16. General Leang


    I have to be honest and think the media plays it up to the point where people can overreact to the point of suicide. It has been blown that far out from being just a new disease and something that has been built up to something that will wipe out the human race.
  17. General Leang

    New Screen Shots from The Red Alert Mod

    Could we have the classic Tanya Adams in tthe game? And the original game's cut scenes where Stalin orders a town attacked with sarin gas?
  18. General Leang

    greatest game character

    If you wish to rate video game characters by how many times they saved the world... Seven times and counting. You can play through one of his bids to do so, replete with a sneaky cameo from a couple of characters just to shake things up.
  19. General Leang

    greatest game character

    Who saved the world? Not once but twice? Not Cloud. Nor Sephiroth.
  20. General Leang

    greatest game character

    That is kind of like saying Osama Bin Laden is more popular because he kills Nick Berg on September 11. As for Link being the best because he wields a sword? Overruled. She plays Cloud Strife better than Cloud Strife. Not as big a girl for a start.
  21. General Leang

    greatest game character

    In determining my vote as the greatest game character I had one criteria in mind: do peoplee actually play the game because of that particular character. To give an example aare Mario, Sonic and Half Life popular because of the characters in them or are they popular because they are good games? So if we look at games that sell because of the characters in them we need to look at what these characters bring to the table. What would Tomb Raider be without Lara Croft, Street Fighter without Ryu or Command & Conquer without Kane? Actually, that last question is answered with Red Alert and Generals, but my vote for the greatest game character may come as a surprise at first, but after careful consideration I vote Aeris Gainsborough as the greatest game character. Why? Three reasons I can give are that she is vital to the Final Fantasy storyline, she is a very well rounded character and she is tremendously popular. To show what I mean Half Life would have worked equally well with Shepard or Barney as it did with Freeman, simply because the personality did not matter, the game did. If Knuckles had the starring role instead of Sonic not much would change. And Aeris' popularity is such that people still talk about what happens in the game a decade after it was released. So my vote goes to Aeris, with Big Boss\Solid Snake coming a close second.
  22. General Leang

    registration code needed

    Tell you what, why not email EA? You want the registration code, explain to them how you downloaded and stole the game, and you need the registration key in order to rob them by playing a title they had put a lot of hard work in without paying for it. Be sure to let us know of their reply.
  23. General Leang

    Things that I don't want in RA3

    Speakinh of soldiers being to scale, any reason why we cannot have the game Sims 2 style? By that have a rotating and zooming camera where we can get as far or as close as we want to, and change the angle. This could get around the issue.
  24. General Leang

    V4 launcher & Mig fighter

    It is thought fans might be interested to know, but for some reason they react with a great amount of scorn.
  25. General Leang

    what did you get for xmas

    Gift vouchers, but the Christmas sales have nothing I want.