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    Zero Hour Modding

    I recently downloaded the Xenoforce mod for Zero Hour and thought it kicked ass, but i was wondering is it absolutely necessary when a mod is added to the game to override existing factions? I think this mod would be better if it had 3 additional factions (Macross,Gundam, and Zaku), rather than having the 3 new ones override 3 other sides.
  2. ghostmangoth

    Tibed 2 Crash

    Thanks a whole heap!!!!! My projects all work now. P.S. I'm the one who originally told the Tibed guys about the ArmageddonBomber asset bug, so i'm glad that works and i can build my mods again. Thanks a lot.
  3. ghostmangoth

    Tibed 2 Crash

    I'm currently using Tibed 2 version 2.1, the latest, and made my projects for C&C3 in Tibed 2 Beta 5f, which was the release directly before the new one. The new Tibed 2 opens the projects fine, modifys them and saves them all fine, but when i go to build or play it, i get the usual code screen that comes up, then it goes white for a minute, white in my experience using it is normal, but it won't build the mod and it hangs. It worked fine in the previous version. Are the Tibed 2 projects not compatible with the newer version? I'm hoping not because it took me forever to modify C&C for all 3 sides in Tibed 2 as there as so many changes to do and whenever i make a new one i always forget something.
  4. ghostmangoth


    I was altering the metadatamap.map i think it is and now when so many moves are made the map hangs between moves and I'm looking for an unaltered copy of this.
  5. Is there any way to make the names of the cities show up in Global Conquest? You can name them in the Map Editor but it just says 'City' or 'Port City'.
  6. ghostmangoth

    Catalyst Missile Query

    When you fire the Catalyst Missile into a field of Tiberium, it hits, then starts the Catalyst with the Green Smoke and you see Green Tiberium Shards breaking, but when it's all gone, the Tiberium is still there. Is there any way to modify the Catalyst Weapon [the Catalyst part, not the Missile part] so that when it hits the field it creates it's Catalyst Effect and destroys all the Tiberium in the Field within it's radius, like, as I understand, it's supposed to do.
  7. ghostmangoth

    Tacitus Interruptus

    I got past it. There's logic to Fail the Mission if the MCV gets too close to the docks and I was doing that to avoid the Scrin Units, so I moved it way from the docks and down and it worked fine.
  8. ghostmangoth

    Kane's Wrath Mod SDK Community Project

    I hope it comes soon because I'm getting sick of building 100 silos. The first thing I changed in the C&C editor was the Silo capacity because you just never have enough room for it. That and power plants.
  9. ghostmangoth

    Tacitus Interruptus

    Can anyone help me with this mission? Okay, this is what I did. I went and attacked the MCV for Objective 1, then used the Vein Detonation for the Bonus and have gone through and killed all the GDI on the map, but it still happens. After I've captured the MCV and move it, the controls go away and i get the Defeated screen. The MCV is still there and it wasn't destroyed nor is anyone attacking it. It seems to be just fine when deployed and repairing but as soon as you move it south i get the Defeated screen. I read that it's because not ALL the GDI have been killed on the map, but that can't be it as the Carrier still remains and it has a Invulnerable Logic on it so it can't be destroyed. I'm running the Store-bought Version 1.0.
  10. ghostmangoth

    Armageddon Bomber Error

    I went into Tibed 2 into the GameObject category, under Full Asset List, to find the Armageddon Bomber. These are listed as: NodVertigo_AirDispersion NodVertigo_DeployMines NodVertigo_SeedTiberium Despite the name, these are the Armageddon Bombers that deliver Nod's Mines, Vapor Bomb and Seed Tiberium. However, modifying the Body Field or anything in these will cause the BIG file creation to fail. I've altered other things in the GameObject category and it has still built the BIG File, so I don't know why it doesn't like this. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it. Also, If these could be added into the Nod Aircraft or Nod Other, in the same way it is in WorldBuilder, it would be good.
  11. ghostmangoth

    Railgun Upgrades In C&C 3

    Okay, I've been looking through the Tibed 2 for Tiberium Wars and noticed that The Rig and the Guardian Cannon have code in them to be upgraded to Railguns when the upgrade is purchased, however, this doesn't happen. Does anyone know how one would change it so it does? Is it a big job?
  12. ghostmangoth

    Tibed 2 For Kane's Wrath

    Is it possible to make a BIG file of modified original units/structures etc. from Tiberium Wars in Tibed 2 and add it to Kane's Wrath, so, even though you don't have the code to edit the KW units, you could at least edit the old ones?
  13. I've been having quite a good run with Tibed 2 so far, until I got an error and it wouldn't build my BIG file. The Python and Delphi Log are attached in a text file to download and look at. If anyone could help me out with these errors, I'd be very grateful. Tibed_2_Error.txt