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  1. ok... UPDATE: I somehow managed to persuade my friend to let me try to build the mod on his computer. He's got a XP (32bit I guess). So I tried the same things there, used the savedata as I've been using on my own computer on vista. That means no changes, no adds, no removals. BUT(!!!) it still shows me the SAME error message!!! > I took a look at the log, and pretty near it's end it said: "OPERATION:FAILASSETBUILD" or something like that what does that mean? and how can I finally build my own god damn mod??? I'm pretty upset about it now -.- thanks in advice! (and thanks to everyone who even tries to help...)
  2. ok, so... I'm trying to make a mod for C&C 3 Tiberium Wars (without the add-on) and I spent a lot of time on editing the tons of codes. When I was done I tried to build the mod. Then, after a short while, a error message appears which says that no .BIG file has been created due to an error in the building process... I thought that this was a rare error, so I tried to build the mod a few more times. But every single time this damn error message appears! I didn't add or remove anything in the whole code. I only edited some boolean values and some numbers, nothing else! I googled this problem before opening this topic and I've read a few times that this error occurs when building the mods with vista. If this is the case, how can you bypass this error or maybe even solve this problem? I hate vista for not supporting a lot of SDKs, MDKs and other programming softwares -.- Microsoft booh!!! :thumbsdown: