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    Command and Conquer, RTS, modding Red Alert 3, bashing EA for making Red Alert 3.
  1. Tyberon

    Is this forum dead?

    Perhaps our mod will help you out as far as activity goes. Before someone says we should put our mod on moddb I will not go down that path again. Moddb has screwed us on more than one occasion. Long story short they thought our mods sucked and bumped it off the lists. Sure it was for games that people hardly play anymore (Empire Earth and the first Dawn of War) so we decided to forget moddb and keep the mods to ourselves. Now that we've really got something big going we need a little more time. Perhaps we can make this mod official on CNCNZ forums. We'll check back in a few weeks when finals are done. Most of us go to school and work part time so we'll be slow to respond. (Keep in mind our mod team is small, about 2 sometimes 3 on the weekend.)
  2. Tyberon

    Is this forum dead?

    No I have the right site, I added zone because....well I don't know why I guess. All I'm saying this site is lacking in activity. I mean most of the last posts were from early March. Vacation time eh?
  3. If anyone had noticed I suggested a mod idea earlier a few months back and now me and my team are back at but we hit a few..."speedbumps." Ok we done a complete face lift on everything to make it a little less cartoonish. Instead of redoing the entire graphic engine we decided to do a comic book-like appearance so some things looks a little more realistic than before. I'd like to post pictures but we keep running into errors that our pictures are too big so maybe the moderators can help us with this problem. Anyhow. We made a unit to replace the whimpy and completely useless cryocopter into the Prism copter which as you guess sports prism cannons instead of a cryobeam as its primary weapon and the secondary weapon is particle burst which disables vehicles. We've been trying to make the graphic to make beams shoot from an aircraft but we keep getting crashes or having no visual beam coming from the helicopter's cannons. So if anyone could give us some hints on this we appreciate it. (UPDATE!!!) We tried mimicking the effects from the Jap Giga fortress from the Uprising expansion and we still have the same problem.
  4. Tyberon

    The mod community is lacking

    PISS!!!! Well way to frakking go, how in hell am I suppose to get help on my mods now eh? This is just frakking great...it's like Tiberium wars all over again. There was more than enough people modding Generals and it still has a huge mod community but oooh no.... No one likes modding some other games or jump on the latest and greatest thing while totally neglecting the people who want to mod games other than generals. Frak this mess!
  5. Tyberon

    Is this forum dead?

    I go to leave for a few months to finish up school and CNCZone just ups and dies on me and no one even bothers to reply to my topics or messages. So anyone out there alive?
  6. I notice the Red Alert 3 mod communities are lacking in activity and mods for Red Alert are lacking in substance and anything new. Most mods for Red Alert 3 is usually regurgitated mods using the same units and maybe some enhancements from the Uprising expansion. A lot of 'oh hum' been there done that mess. Has people lost interest in Red Alert 3 (with no surprise given that EA royally screwed up the RA series forever) or has everyone jumped on the Command and Conquer 4 bandwagon like a bunch of EA lemmings?
  7. Tyberon

    Tyberon is here

    Dude that was epic win.
  8. Tyberon

    Red Alert 3 Remade

    We're all except for Mike is experience in modeling for CNC Generals and some in CNC 3. We never done a mod on this scale and it'll be our first big one. We gotta grow up someday.
  9. Tyberon

    Red Alert 3 Remade

    I'm asking because I'm not a professional modder like some of you are and I'm not doing this alone so we're going to try to take it on. That is if we can get some advice...
  10. Tyberon

    Tyberon is here

    I'll be a mammoth tank. It'll be awsome I get to roll over other costumes and oh I can use halogen lights for my rail guns! Freaking awsome...also I can be a Zone Trooper. I can't decide. I can be Kane himself....but that means I need to shave my hair. My beautiful long brown hair...
  11. Tyberon

    Tyberon is here

    I have style? How come no one ever tells me these things? -random moment- Also I'm guessing a lot of people are going to be the Joker this Halloween. Worse people do a Twilight theme this year. NOooooo!!!!
  12. If any of you have played Tom Clancy's End War on the xbox 360, PS3 or later the PC version you'll know that while it was a good concept at first it ended up emphasizing too much on voice control than actual gameplay. (of course that's my opinion) I liked the storyline and the units looked unique so I'm here to impliment a mod for Command and Conquer 3 with the units of the End War universe so that you can command larger armies than on End War. I know, I know End War is supposed to be tactical but I like it to be more strategic. So here are my main questions. How can I transfer the sound from the End War PC version to the CNC3 files and script them for unit responses. How can I create a vehicle matrix like an infantry squad matrix? How can I make cover more avialable to infantry? I see many things on the maps that infantry can take cover behind yet the only thing they can use are buildings. How can I add a hit and miss dynamic to weapons? Lastly how I can I get rid of the current resource system (tiberium collecting) for like a point gain system?
  13. Tyberon

    Tyberon is here

    Really? Hm...why so serious? Let's put a smile on your face... -gets out scalpel all Joker-like-
  14. Tyberon

    Tyberon is here

    I plan on staying for a while and I'm pretty active online that is until I can find another job. The recession got me unfortunately.... I can't say I'm good at any C&C game, I'm decent enough to hold my own and can launch carefully planned assaults and surgical strikes. I switch tactics on the fly but I'm no pro. I play because I can. Win or lose. I guess if I wanted to say which game I'm "good" at is probably Kane's Wrath because the stealth artillery for Nod gets me out of a few pinches. There is one game I will say that I'm pretty hardcore about. Homeworld.
  15. Tyberon

    Tyberon is here

    Is that a threat? Oh and how good is the mod community here? I have some ideas...