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  1. Nikademis Von Hisson

    Full Download

    Yeah, but the Origin Site was showing it for $9.99..... and actually my g/f paid for the $40 and the only reason I got it is because I didn't have RA3
  2. Nikademis Von Hisson

    Full Download

    TFD is about $20 if you want a hard copy disc.......... $10 for TUC? wow I got hosed I paid about $40 for mine. I really don't like the fact its a download, I would rather have disc in hand so I can put it on all 3 of my computers, no problem.... no waiting for a download
  3. Nikademis Von Hisson

    This Site

    I received notice on Facebook from a CnC friend that this place was closing down..... That is why I asked....
  4. Nikademis Von Hisson

    Rules check program?

    Maybe late................but the side by side error is because you are using the first version that does not work on Vista or Win 7. You need to get the AI Morphed version.... they work on these 2.... It does work on 7, it can be stubborn but does work..... So does both AI ini checkers.
  5. Nikademis Von Hisson

    This Site

    Is this site being terminated march 1st?
  6. Nikademis Von Hisson

    Can anyone help me find these 2 Red Alert 2 Mods?

    This one? http://energy.gamemod.net/index.php?page=downloads
  7. I had this saved on my computer for changing the flags. I know I have something about load screens when i find it ill post up
  8. Nikademis Von Hisson

    Community News Round Up

    One possible solution to fix this b***H might be for any forum that supports the fact that this A*****E has stolen or misrepresented his mod to ban his IP Address and his hardware ID. There are too many kids running around creating websites that have no business doing so. I say when Michael Vranic hits puberty we string him up by his testicles. And that goes for the dumbass Wisedagamer (unless it is michelle being a troll) and anyone who supports or defends them. ....is underground slamming Aro?? If she is then I guess she hasn't seen Aro's work...once again string her up....