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  1. Jaalenn

    C&C3 Mod Crash

    It would seem that my editing of the fog controls is what caused the crashes. I have it resolved and am now modding in full force! Thanks all!
  2. Jaalenn

    C&C3 Mod Crash

    I just checked the game version and it is still at 1.09. When I open the control center and go to the Mods tab it shows all of the mods I have currently installed. The only one it crashes on is the one I created, and I have tested this several times. Obviously the error is my doing, but I have no idea what it could have been.
  3. Jaalenn

    C&C3 Mod Crash

    With ever mod i've created using TibEd 2.1 C&C 3 will startup and then fail. No error is given other than Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars™ has stopped working. I have no idea why this happened and I've only edited a few things in the mod. Please let me know if you have any idea as to why this has happened. Thank you, in advance!