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    Changes aren't being seen in game

    It does not work in Skirmish or after restarting a mission. The Rules.ini file is altered and saved. One thing I did to check if the Rules file was having an effect was by deleting it completely (after making a backup) from the Tiberium Sun directory. I then restarted the game and started a new Skirmish mission, and the game went without a hitch. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I tried it for the hell of it. Also, for some reason, TiBed cannot start the game. It isn't a permissions issue; TiBed is using the Game.exe file perfectly well, but that executable does not work when TiBed uses it or if it is used manually. The error is "Failed to initialize. Please reinstall." When I use the shortcut, however, which is routed to the same executable, the game works fine.
  2. I am using Tibed 1.7 on a Vista x86 laptop to alter The First Decade version of Tiberian Sun. The issue is that despite the Rules.ini file being altered and saved, the changes I make do not affect the in game units. Specifically, I am reducing all Nod unit prices to one-tenth their original price and cloning the shared units/buildings (one being for Nod at a reduced price and one for GDI at the original price).