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  1. It is in the RA2MD.mix. Open it and edit it with SHP Builder (or Photoshop) and put it in a .mix file or in you install dir. If you want to create a whole new one you should be carefull because the text from Westwood and copyright have to come to the right bottem and 'Loading...' at the left top.
  2. Conscript


    Sorry for the confusion, I have RockPatch 1.10 (Ithought they were the same )
  3. I cant seem to code the colors in for Ra2YR. I have Ares 1.10 and its totally different then NPatch (the coding) How do I code them in?
  4. Conscript

    Mod Recruting

    Well, we're together on this, if you go to our website you will find some info. On the forum you can find more information about it. I'm going to upload the storyline for the YR conversion. My webteam is messing around with the site so sometimes links dont work (its a beta page) You can also download it there. Shoot me with a PM and tell me what your qualities are We are still smal but growing. EDIT: My friend took down the website... He is new with DreamWeaver. My host is going to take care of that. Until that time you are unable to get on the website. please email me: [email protected] if this is not allowed (which I'm not sure of) go to my profile, you can find it there as well .
  5. Conscript

    Noob question

    OK, but how do I add them? Just code them in?
  6. Conscript

    Noob question

    I finally got it working ! NPatch is installed as well. Adding a new SW is done with the Upgrade SW tutorial right?
  7. Conscript

    Noob question

    Too bad, it doesn't install automatticaly. It says' Yuri's Revenge not installed, but it is! I use the first decade. And a retail version since my f****** First Decade's disk is messed up so I can't install things anymore... But is that possible with V1 of the NPatch, to make more colors possible?
  8. Conscript

    Noob question

    Well, I will try that. Is there a way to install NPatch 0022 (the latest version) manually?
  9. Conscript

    Noob question

    How do I enable them ingame? I mean these mission colors. You have different colors in missions wich you dont have in Skirmish. Brown as an example by Operation: Mirage
  10. Conscript


    Isn't that done by editting the .ini file? Assaulter=yes? And as secondary weapon that flashbang animation with the assaulter upgrade. Like Boris using his MIG's?
  11. Noobish question but how do I change the colors of the armies? Not only standard colors but also brown and black, withe, grey and so on.
  12. I dont think we encourage no cd cracks (because of the illegal things) ? I happen to have one, but as long I dont have permission to send it to you I wont. Just waiting for permission of the Admin.
  13. Conscript

    EVA Warning

    How do I make it possible in Npatch? I have downloaded it as I already said before. But now I need to make it possible as a warning. How do I do that? I'm learning the programming and coding so I can't do this by myself. It will be the text warning and EVA warning.
  14. Conscript


    The only gate you can build is the GAGATE_A the one from missions. And it will also only be buildable for the Allieds. You will have to edit both the art and rulesmd.ini to make them all work. Although there isn't a proper GAGATE_B but a tiberiun sun looking gate, you will have to find a good model of the GAGATE_A but then not 3x1 but 1x3. And I have them. Also the cameo's
  15. Conscript

    EVA Warning

    Can you give me a preview of how this is done? Can I also give the Yuri version to Yuri. The allied to the allied and sov to sov? I've downloaded NPatch for YR 1.001 because it offers more than just the rulesmd.ini I'm not good with programming and coding, so Doctor Destiny can you help me with this?