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    Favourite RA 2/ YR Unit!

    i love mirage tanks they own!! i use them mostly with infantry but i kill with apocs mirage = apocs thats what i think but prism tanks > every other tank prism tanks are waaayyy to awesome
  2. i tried to increase the range of the chronosphere but its always tiny little spot is there anyway to increase the range of it?
  3. is there anyway where i can make AI's really tough not like dam i mean like "oh S**T!!" and how to make AI attack other AI cuz for real every one aims at me i mean they pass right eachother and no conflict and thx for everyone for helping me from my last posts
  4. in TibEd Pro 1.7 where is the tech machine shop i cant find it in the list of building? does anyone know where is it?
  5. how can i make one country to have instant build??? edit: for those who dont get it, i want to be able to click on a building to build and it will be ready when i click it also for infantry and tanks so there is no waiting time