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  1. ruthless.com

    1 year later

    and im over the facft that your small and insignificant mind cant grasp concepts of criticism so you have to move on aswell... i dont care if you have been here for a year and like the place i am stating facts - so either contribute to what i say or keep your pathetic quips to yourself...
  2. ruthless.com

    People stole my name!

    ummmmmmmmm wow, sucks to be you - thats what i always feared, with any of my user names so i made them as non popular but creative as possible... and its PWNED and PWN there is no O you are missing the point when you put the O in there... e.g (Said in over-the-top geek voice) "Im going to pwn me some moobs today..." or "I pwned you all just then..."
  3. ruthless.com

    The Hitler Downfall

    THis is going to be interesting...
  4. ruthless.com

    Forum Ranking Feedback

    a better question would have been Who thought of Military Police... because it was me... WOOT... Ummm keeping it army is good - naval - WTF... airforce same...
  5. ruthless.com

    The Weekly Contests Continue

    this is crap! stupid people that bust my poor cheating attempts...
  6. ruthless.com

    Anything Good on TV?

    the thing that annoys me is that NZ is so far ahead of aus with tv!?!? like wtf... you guys get movies and tv programs like months and years before us... annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd i missed out on the new simpsons tonite... TRUCKING WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bleh
  7. ruthless.com

    How did you get your community name?

    What game? TOm Clancy - Ruthless.com - a book and a game...
  8. ruthless.com

    1 year later

    Ummm when i was a reg ages ago there was just spamming for more rank...then i left because there was like 3 people who would post but 500 people signed... go figure... after a while i came back and i was going to post proper topics and what not, i post 3 or 4 topics, 1 was destroyed straight away and then one went to recycle i think and the others failed... they were normal thought provoking topics... i wasnt happy that one got destroyed (it was a article about Hitler and history and how people these days dont know much history) so there was nothing wrong with it but it was destroyed any way - and there was no pm to say - Hey Ruthless please dont do that, or hey your topic is gone because... SO inturn i left because this place was tooo soft - you cant have topics that are rude to ANYONE, or funny rude or anything which is annoying because technically most of us are mature enough any way... sooooo... so in saying if you have anything decent to share - dont share it because it will be lost on people who dont think or the mod who thinks its offensive to the old lady across the street...
  9. ruthless.com

    The Weekly Contests Continue

    ripppppppppppppppppppppppppped OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
  10. ruthless.com

    How did you get your community name?

    sonic = the basketball team.... in america! wooo i know my cncnz trivia... my name is from the game umm sonic im having troubles logging in - i have to do double logins when i post sometimes... and it says there are no new posts when i log in...
  11. ruthless.com

    Forum Ranking Feedback

    the people that wont know the difference are those that cannot speak/read english?!? Just keep it army like the game...
  12. ruthless.com

    The Weekly Contests Continue

    Budapest is actually two cities separated by the Danube River - Buda and Pest. Buda lies on the west bank and Pest lies on the east bank. I WIN I WIN I WIN I WIN I WIN I WIN I WIN I WIN... heres a QU for YOU What were Zambia's and Zimbabwe's former names?
  13. ruthless.com

    Gone for a While, but now I'm back!

    how did you guess - its a self portrait man! ummm Resident Aussie - i Liek it what would the insignia be though?
  14. ruthless.com

    Games You're Currently Playing?

    Freelancer - Counter Strike - WC3 - Isle Wars ver 3.1 (1994) Dos Game (L33t)
  15. ruthless.com

    Gone for a While, but now I'm back!

    yeah i was thinking about it - i always wanted one ever since sonic said you could if you asked aggggggggges ago - but i cant really think of one... yeah the 5 stars look nice man... i remember our posting wars... ahhhhhhhhh good times... ummmm like my Spam Monster?