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  1. The empror

    New Red Alter Mod Concepts

    cool stuff
  2. The empror

    New Tiberian Apocalypse Screen Shots

    i like the gdi titan
  3. The empror

    RA2/YR Modding tools

    thanks for the help everyone
  4. The empror

    RA2/YR Modding tools

    this link appears to be broken
  5. The empror

    The Vortex Mod - GDI Ion Cannon

    Epic, great and cool
  6. The empror

    Red Alert X Beta Released

    its a nice mod, i will download it later
  7. The empror

    New Condition Red Screen Shots & Models

    yes, because its epic, CNCNZ is always my first station for news
  8. The empror

    The Making of C&C 3: The Forgotten

    i love this mod too
  9. The empror

    Reinforcementz II Assistance Mod Interview

    Awesome interview!
  10. Sounds great he's on the first interview after joining the c&c community.
  11. The empror

    C&C IV: Tiberian Eclipse Mod Interview

    It's not that necessary
  12. The empror

    C&C IV: Tiberian Eclipse Mod Interview

    Great interview with a great Mod leader i think it's the interview of the month for me I like this Mod specially the black zones
  13. The empror

    What is your favorite RTS universe?

    Age of Empires was a great game really but since there is no AOE games any more so i will vote to Tiberium wars
  14. The empror

    Pic of the Day

    Oh goood
  15. What is the round table can someone explane?what are the goals of the round table?
  16. The empror

    Aro/Twisted Insurrection Interview

    Great interview
  17. Its not grossly misleading so back off.
  18. The empror

    C&C Ammo Reloads

    Does that means they will start all over again?
  19. The empror

    Inside The Forgotten's Skirmish Maps

    WoW WoW Great screen shots you got in here