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    girl gamers

    *puts a butter bucket on his head smoking a cigerette*ok now um...lets see...oh yea...now most men prefer both...some men are lucky enough to get that but most are stupid enough to go for the hot ones... now...this is how i see it...if theyre pretty theyre most likely stupid...if theyre pretty in your eyes shes pretty decent...if shes ugly most likey smart...but if theyre ugly ugly...jeez dumbass...anyway my girl friends not a tom but she does like alotta guy stuff maybe we should all get more into girl stuff...or blow our heads off with shotguns....anyway my gfs pretty to me and very smart...sorry to admit it but smarter than me...grade average of A+(bitch...ive only got a ****ing C- avg. damnit) anyway...thats my veiw on the subject till nect time*rubs cigerette out on random persons head* ::twisted evil::
  2. Draggor

    Anime Music Video

    ahhh...so nice to be back been awhile eh. anyway animes amazing you guys i just cant beleive you...theres some very mature and adultish things out there in the anime world...one of them being some of the most amazing anime serires(trigun, gungrave, rorouni kenishin, inuyasha, etc.) and are extremely violent and bloody check em out...and all of you who dont like anime...heres a new one of mine...t("t)...muhahaha...see ya...
  3. Draggor

    3 Word Story

    so one day
  4. Draggor

    3 Word Story

    OZ...people died
  5. Draggor

    Yaaa CNCNZ is back!

    hey im finnaly back on nice to see some new faces and have the site back on. ive been a little busy and havent had time for the site...WAA :cry: but now im back on...and congrats C&C King on your promotion
  6. Draggor


    sometimes you just...well...here this will explain it...them>> :bang: you>> :flamer:
  7. yeah its (FF3) very rare...did you know that the creators have decided to make 2-packs of all the old games i think its like 1-6 or something that theyre going to have two packs of
  8. Draggor


    well ill make sure to put that in before i make it complete. but before that happens. the year is around 19,000,000b.c. on the planet naomie(kname) set in midevil age after the humans banned the draggons(treensha)from their planet
  9. Draggor


    about to post the 2nd chapter and some more of the first...
  10. Draggor

    what games song do you like?

    well im back into "Nookie"
  11. Draggor

    what songs? poll

    :roll: too slow?its hard to stay on with a bunch of enimes around...its actually quite hard and a good game. by the way...you wanna hear about my two ACs?plus Z.O.E.2 was well worth the wait...the first one i beat in two days. thats probably the fastest ive ever beaten a game in. Z.O.E.2 took about 3 days
  12. Draggor

    what songs? poll

    well, nintendos supposed to be announcing their new system thats supposedly "10 fold better than the gamecube", its gonna be called revolution. by the way any one here have any armored core games?
  13. ive never seen that... :x did i miss something here?plus i just got banned from the reborn forums because of this punk! yeah! now i dont have to put up with him :lol:
  14. Draggor

    MKV files and VLC media player

    well...i got the VLC media player and it plays both music in MKV form and in video form...its just messed up because i used my other computer to see if it was just this one and it does it on that one too