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  1. well i play with my friend on network he takes super weapon general n i take GLA OR NUKE general. We give eachother 5mins build time n he kicks my butt no matter wat i can't penetrate his base wat 2 do help me out oh yeah his planes those bombers really make it hard 4 me HELP HELP just need 2 win him once
  2. sally123

    how to beat superweapon general

    no he is not...... for sure
  3. sally123

    how to beat superweapon general

    thanks alot, but da thing is i can't play with USA tat good only GLA TOXIN NORMAL GLA N NUKE GENERAL, if u can help me this tat will b gr8 !
  4. sally123

    Tips anyone?

    well how do i beat, super weapon general help help help i'm playin with my friend kicks my ***!!!