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  1. Oh, then that's C&C 4. Thanks! EDIT: Successfully extracted!
  2. Hi people. I'm looking to extract some textures from C&C 3, more specifically those seen in this image (Bibber's C&C Asset Extractor preview): I have successfully extracted audio and textures from global_common and static_common. I was looking for static.manifest, as seen in the image above, but I could not find it anywhere. Where can I find it? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I found it in MOD SDK\BuiltMods\CnC3Xml but Asset Extractor says it couldn't find static.bin (and I didn't see Texture:FXNodBlastShockwave in the list too).
  3. Predator


    Yes! I got it working! Thanks everyone! I love you! :lol:
  4. Predator


    Oh dude, sorry. I mean the launch file. I have no problems with editing. I wanted to know how will people start the mod. Will they need the Mod Selector? And thank you for the answers. You are great!
  5. Predator


    Ok, that's okay. Can I create just a simple .exe that starts the mod? I tried adding " -mod" after the target. No other way to launch the game? Sorry for the bad english speaking.
  6. Predator


    Yes, yes but I'm trying to to make a launcher. Otherwise, the other people will have to download the Mod Selector? I have no problems with selecting the mod. The mod doesn't work through the generals.exe. I know I miss something. I'm a noob.
  7. Predator


    Oh, thanks! I'm new. I found the files but how to make them work? I placed the BIG files on the Zero Hour folder. Because the people won't download the program and press "Play mod" :lol: Sorry for the stupid question.
  8. Predator


    Hello guys, I have TibEd 2.1a and I created a small modification of C&C: Generals Zero Hour (). When I'm going to release it, I need the mod files. Where to find them? Where are they stored?