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  1. Revolutionary

    Portal 2 - the 2011 game of the year?

    ^this (excluding the funny bit as its not appropriate for some games) can be applied to almost all of valves games.
  2. Revolutionary

    Portal 2 - the 2011 game of the year?

    I personally canceled my subscription to PCgamer after a managment change saw the magazine go from semi decent to using words like "n00b, lol, haxor, etc " game related press has been going down the ****ter for quite some time now where ever the source I just forgot that the valve fanboys outdid even the Blizzard fanboys which is something. It is too short (another new trend, just like the gutter talk making its way in to video games), and it was overly hyped. Having seen some of last years goty nominations, if it wasn't for valves ego id say i would support it for goty as it wasnt half bad at all.
  3. Nice math skills 1MB = 1024KB ergo 1.5MB = 1536KB If we are going to be exact
  4. Revolutionary

    1.06c development topic

    From a British Point of view, (since im British) its almost all american tech any way so its sort of expected that there going to be American, and its an expected outcome in both games and movies that they will be American, some of the greate WW2 war films about what us Brits did magicaly get changed to show the Americans taking the lead rol, twisting fact.
  5. Revolutionary

    1.06c development topic

    The British language pack doesnt change any voices or sounds in game, it just fixes the stupid spelling mistakes the Yanks insist on making (there are better more apropriate examples but like how colour is the british spelling and color is the american)
  6. Revolutionary

    I want me a Renegade

    Look at Blizzard they made a HD remake and the RTS communites havent stopped excreting prase ever since (ill admit it perhaps should have got a bit of merit but its not that good so shut up and go back to your computer you spotty little korean) Should have said it in my post but that was more what i would prefer to see a remake of since they were talking about a CnC1 remake When you talk about cannon, lets face it CnC isnt exactily the best, half of most of the games doesnt count for anything, then you have WW changing there mind about RA1 being a prequel then rumours are changing it back (but still keeping RA2 as cannon) Then you could go from game to game finding all the little errors, etc etc TBH some of the reasons i liked RA3 was i didnt like the RA2 story and EA set up the start of RA3 very well to take it in a direction they wanted.
  7. Revolutionary

    I want me a Renegade

    There are a lot of features like the tiberium example above companys just havent been able to impliment properly at all. When you played a 2D RTS game almost every one was different in some aspect and each had it unique logics and ways of making the world apear alive within the limits of the colour pallets and sprites. A lot of logics just arent implimented in 3D RTS games and therfor they feel less unique or individual and they dont feel real. thats one of my critisisms of lots of RTS and RTT games. If you must have a city then where are its citizens, where are the little bits of detail which make it look lived in. ## as for a new game If its a Tib RTS i want a reboot bck to the base building days (would prefer they eft it for dead for a few years) as for remakes if they could do a HD 3D version of TS... If its RA4 id argue its to soon, and they would be hard pushed to make it better than 3 If its gen id like to see it with the same feel but with better graphics (perhaps slightly cartoony but no where near RA2/3) If its a MMO i thing generals could possibly be a good setting, that or tib If its a FPS id like to see a Tib shooter which sticks to the cannon (Tiberium never looked as it fitted properly) If its something new i welcome it and hope its good.
  8. Revolutionary

    Vote on Tiberian Sun Serial Validation Poll

    Yes it is * , they are compleatly alienating any new players (although, they did a pretty good job already) this should have been the best thing to happen to there community and fan base and they have shoot them self in the foot. I tryed to make attempts in the pat to let them see light but quite frankly they didnt care much, the xwis community can be rather elitist and the proper admins realy dont catter much for any game other than RA2. I gave up on xwis when CnCNet (over at cnc-comm) announced and realesed its new version of its play online via LAN patch (there was a push for RA1 support and in supporting the RA1 beta patch and in doing so they mangaed to create support for TS and RA2 although RA2 isnt officialy supported by CnCNet)
  9. Revolutionary

    Problem with flag

    That little flag isnt the "moon" USA flag is it? Have you got graphics for it in the other thearters
  10. Revolutionary

    How to play C&C 95 on a 64 bit OS

    You could set it up in the ini files BUT you still need the functions to call upon from the exe file, and this is the problem, he would more or less be starting from scratch which is a lot of work. It is do-able but without the source It would take a long time to implement even with a team of experianced people. In the sort term it isnt worth it and with out some sort of revalation it doesnt look like it will be worth it in the long run.
  11. Revolutionary

    Apocalypse Party!

    The mammoth is the same, the mammoth mk2 however...
  12. Revolutionary

    Apocalypse Party!

    CnC1 mammoth set the bar RA1 mammoth missle pods and antena have small differences TS the mammoth is the same, the mammoth MK2... , same AA missles but thats got to be the most unique RA2 not a mammoth but is almost Generals not a mammoth but covers lots of the typical features, got to be the best mammoth like unit out side of the TS in game movies, there is so much you can do with this unit due to the upgrades CnC3 back to the rip offs with the exception of the wreaks RA3 not a mammoth was a pretty unique unit despit being so symilar RA3 joke, was a REAL mammoth
  13. Revolutionary

    Editing moon units

    Just a quick comment if i remember correctly, tech -1 is unbuildable to any one however tech 11 can be used to give units to AI player ie if a harrier is given a techlevel of 11 and the ai are set up to use tech 11 the ai will build and use the harrier but the player cant even if he captures the airport (there are more than 10 tech levels however in RA2 you are unlikly to ever use any more than 12, -1 unbuildable, 1-9 for use in campain, 10 for campain and multiplayer, 11 for ai only)
  14. Revolutionary

    Should Valve make a Half-Life movie?

    Video games are more compairable to books when it comes to movies, your never going to fit every thing in to one movie, A book or video game can leave you entertained for days following the story where as a movie realy lasts usually for around 2-3 hours. The problem with video games compaired to book is the story is very often more player centered, drawn out over a long time and you can see what is happening. If you are using actors or graphics to replicate scenes which belong to a video game it wont work very well unless you are using ingame content. If there was a Tiberian sun movie using actor if it was done in the style of the ingame movies it would fit in and look good where as if you did the same with renagade where you never see a real actor in a cutscene a real actor movie realy wouldnt work or look as good. Story is a big problem, the Dune movie was based on the books but what if it was based on the games, how would it translate?