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  1. panzeroceania

    TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    2014 is coming to an end. Any updates?
  2. panzeroceania

    What is to be done?

    CCHyper, a few questions 1. Where can we download the newest version of HyperPatch 2. Where can we download the newest version of UMP 3. is 2.04 basically not released and dead for now and we should just use UMP instead 4. What are the status of Tiberian Odyssey and Twisted Insurrection ? Will your patches work with the Ultimate C&C collection released by EA on Origin?
  3. panzeroceania

    Problem with CnC Ultimate Collection

    Nyerguds, do you have any plans to work with the origin collection? or is that not really a priority for you.
  4. panzeroceania

    1.06c development topic

    how are the updates coming Nyerguds?
  5. panzeroceania

    TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    what did you update nathancnc? also does hyper still not have a computer to develop on? what's his status? is he still interested in Red Alert, Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge, etc? how is C&C going Nyerguds? any word guys or anything you need from other people in the community?
  6. panzeroceania

    What is your favorite version of Dune 2?

    I think sonarpulse has the right terminology, it comes down to semantics.
  7. panzeroceania

    What is your favorite version of Dune 2?

    where can I find videos of opendune in action. Also, wouldn't Dune Legacy be considered more of a mod than a remake as it requires the original files and doesn't use new art or music?
  8. panzeroceania

    1.06c development topic

    Thanks, I saw em, I just wanted to make sure they were the most up to date.
  9. panzeroceania

    1.06c development topic

    so... 1.06c Revision 2 isn't out yet right? what is the newest version and when was it released? I've been out of the loop for a bit.
  10. I recently saw a new release of a remake of Dune II and it caught my interest. I never really played Dune II but love the original C&C and tried Dune 2000 about a year or 2 ago. So I tried the latest version of Dune Legacy which you can find here. http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/dune...title=Main_Page It is really epic and brings Dune II even a little closer to C&C than it already was. there are a load of remakes but some have been discontinued etc. I won't list them all, as I'm not reallyinto all of them, but I will provide a link to a list of em. http://wiki.dune2k.com/Dune_II_remakes The other one which I haven't gotten working but that looks really promising is Dune II - The Maker. It has even more updated graphics and a command bar. I'd still have to play it to see if the visuals mesh well. I was impressed by a youtube video but some of the graphics didn't seem to mesh, maybe it was just the youtube quality. http://dune2themaker.fundynamic.com/ In any case, Dune Legacy is the easiest to set up for me right now and works incredibly well right on Windows XP, Vista, and Win7. If you are a Command & Conquer fan, and have never played Dune II, you owe it to yourself to get the original PAK files and give Dune Legacy a try. You won't regret it. and while you're at it, try Dune 2000, it was made as a total redesign of Dune II by Westwood after Red Alert.
  11. panzeroceania

    TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    I'm so happy to see that you guys are still working on this. Has Nathan been around at all recently?
  12. panzeroceania

    TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    no time soon I guess.
  13. panzeroceania

    TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    I miss the old dedicated site, any news on this? where is Hyper's stuff/updates located? any word on dune 2000 patches?