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  1. I've been following this one for a while and it is truly brilliant work. I only hope they add all the FS stuff in as well. Honestly, I almost think they could justify charging for this with the amount of work they've put in - and I'd bloody well pay too!
  2. To be honest I wasn't really all that aware of the bitching with the other games... though that might be because I actually quite liked C&C3 and KW, so I never really visited the forums... if I had any gripes it was probably the disappearance of a Tiberium "environment" and that they wrote CABAL out - I just loved his evil voice. But I basically just had too much fun playing them to bother complaining. TT was different; I actually felt cheated by EA. I suppose that's why I started trying to sus things out on these forums. But yeah, if you've been hearing this for 4 years, I can totally understand why you're over it. Please forgive my ignorance on the community over the past few years as the last time I was on one of these boards was back when TS was in development lol.
  3. Silverthorn, You're preaching to the choir mate . I've read all that stuff and if you read my earlier posts on this threat or more or less make reference to it. I'm just curious as to why Sonic seems to get so annoyed at everyone's reaction. But yeah this quote: pretty much sums up why myself and most of the C&C community now want EA management's blood.
  4. You do seem to get irritated with the way people have reacted to C&C4 though. Not asking you to "argue", but is it primarily because people are unfairly blaming the devs? or is it something else?
  5. I know you think you're enlightening "fanboys" of the realities of the gaming business, but I think you're missing the point here. It's not that we (or at least some of us) don't understand that "they're in it for the money", we just wish that in trying to make their money they could have a bit of care for what they're doing as well. This is why people are pissed. StarCraft fans get a product that is drawn out into 3 games to increase revenue (but really this is no different from sports games being released each year at full price with minor updates and improvements), but they also get one that the team creating it had a level of care and devotion that simply wasn't allowed in EALA due to the disconnect between the goals of the devs and EA central management. I have no doubt that EALA would have produced a fabulous C&C4 had they been given the time, resources and creative autonomy. But they weren't. They were tasked with making a multiplayer title that management forced them to change into a full blown sequel at the last minute. THAT's the problem; there is no unity of purpose in EA. The devs pour their heart and souls into making these games, only to be blindsided by short sighted profit goals by central management. So yeah, we know they're in it to make money, but that doesn't mean that EA's way of going about it isn't sh#tty.
  6. You're ignoring the fact that the game was well into production when EA headquarters decided to tack a cannon story on and call it C&C 4 just to trick us all.
  7. That's part of it. But for me personally it was the deceitful advertising campaign that followed the ridiculous decision to turn what was an online non-story multiplayer game into a sequel at the last minute just so they could trick fans who wouldn't of otherwise bought the game into buying it. The "EPIC CLIMAX" crap is a symbol of EA's cynicism and disdain it has for the C&C fan base.
  8. Absolutely. In fact the game would have been tolerable if it was released as it was originally intended: as a non-cannon online RTT based purely on multiplayer.
  9. Did you just say "Epic finale" and C&C4 in the same sentence? You see, this is why people hate EA...
  10. Yeah, good stuff EA. Milk that cow until every last C&C fan is so disillusioned that they even stop playing the older titles they actually liked! Has anyone seen the FB page reaction to this EA press release? almost universally abusive...
  11. An interesting fact about sales. I read that the pre-orders alone for StarCraft II were over 6 million... that would put SC sales ahead of at least the last 4 C&C titles put together. Says something about Blizzards quality over quantity approach doesn't it? And it says even more about EA's quantity rules approach...
  12. CABAL_12

    The Original Tiberium Mod - New Update

    What they essentially seem to have done in TW was to make Tiberium look like kryptonite. I actually don't think it looks bad, but I agree it deviates from the theme that it is almost a life form in itself. The new look might have have been more acceptable had it not been for the fact that they got rid of the tiberium environment and mutants. In terms of the mod though. I personally think that the Tiberian Sun Rising mod does a better job of reimaging the Tiberian Sun version of Tiberium
  13. CABAL_12

    Command & Conquer IV: Tiberian Eclipse

    And therein lies my point. Reread my post, no where did I blame EA LA. No, I blamed EA management. I've read all the info that has come out from the now former developers of C&C 4 and their level disenchantment with their treatment by headquarters stemming from the unrealistic and unreasonable demands placed on them. It is not the developers I am angry with. You are right though, I am a C&C fan and not a developer. But I personally don't think this means that I am not qualified to express my disappointment and anger at what the majority of the community has felt is a gross mishandling of this beloved series. If, however, you are in possession of information that would cast a new light on what happened with C&C4, please share it by all means. I've no trouble changing my position if new information indicates I'm wrong, but thus far it has been conspicuously absent.
  14. Well if you'd like to test that theory simply go and compare it with the Amazon ratings for the other EA produced C&C titles like C&C3 and the expansion. I think you'll find that the "fanboy" element is fairly weak there in comparison and that alone surely serves as something of a barometer for the general feeling toward this title.
  15. CABAL_12

    Command & Conquer IV: Tiberian Eclipse

    Ok, I realise this comes pretty late, but I stumbled upon this forum while looking for info on TE. Can I ask you a question? Why would "bad mouthing EA" be "off putting" for you? If you have even the tiniest understanding of the cynical and half-arsed way they approached C&C 4, you'd agree that EA deserves all the bad mouthing they get! What this mod shows is the depth of anger and feelings betrayal that exist in the C&C community as a result of this abomination that was Tiberian Twilight. Indeed, the palpable response from fans seems even more justified now that there have been revelations that this was supposed to be a non-cannon stand alone multiplayer title that EA management forcibly changed to a sequel by tacking on a campaign at the last minute. This move by EA was specifically designed to trick fans who wouldn't have otherwise purchased what is essentially an online multiplayer game into thinking it was something that it is clearly not. EA management was deceitful, dishonest and disrespectful of the loyal fan base of the series and as a result they deserve all the bad mouthing and public denouncements that have been made against them. To say that an outraged community response to this negligent and arrogant attitude of EA's is unreasonable is ridiculous; consumers don't like being lied to and to expect them to just sit there and take it is unrealistic. Sorry, but I'm still really angry with EA for the damage they've done to C&C with Tiberian Twilight.