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    1.06c development topic

    That's good Have you tried the XP Service pack 2 mode? It works on my Vista 64 Bit System... I'm not sure if it works with Windows 7, but the others might help you out
  2. Dicey

    1.06c development topic

    I'll call you hooker then
  3. Dicey

    1.06c development topic

    Ups The one who can read has clearly the advanced position
  4. Dicey

    1.06c development topic

    Uhm, as far as I can read you are real Pro in doing what you are doing... To be honest, I'm not That means: I can fix computers very well and I'm familiar with some software stuff and tricks etc. but I never really wanted to look through that programming and cracking and whatever stuff. That's why I like people like you I know alot about history, even more about German history, because one day (hopefully) I'm going to be a teacher Oh and Geography. But RA1 without the movies? No way! ("was made after Red Alert, and its graphics engine already has some improvements" <--- Explains something, I didn't know that) I just downloaded your Version of C&C 1 and installed the movie and sound patch, works fine with me Sometimes I'm having a graphic bug, but I just have to restart the game and then its fine. So, keep up the good work mate!
  5. Dicey

    1.06c development topic

    seriously... you are nuts! And I love it Thanks for getting C & C to work on my 64 Bit System! I was searching for something like that for AGES!!! I'm a student so I do not have alot of money... but as soon as I have some money to spend, I'm gone donate to support your work! By the way.... Would you mind doing this 64 Bit and better graphic thing with red alert too