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    C&C95 v1.06 website

    Sort of; it's 1600x900. But I also tried switching it to 1024x768 before launching.
  2. Michael

    C&C95 v1.06 website

    Sorry, I didn't realize this thread was active. Yes. I tried 1024x768 and 640x480 and neither worked. Good idea, but it unfortunately didn't work. I still couldn't get to the main menu. I appreciate your help, and I know you're under no obligation to provide tech support; if you have no further ideas I'll just give up. I can live without it.
  3. Michael

    C&C95 v1.06 website

    No, I hadn't tried it yet. But it gives the same result. I also tried Windows XP mode (since I have Windows 7 Pro), but it said it couldn't set the video mode. I suppose I could just use the DOS version in DosBox, but...
  4. Michael

    C&C95 v1.06 website

    I see people saying that this works in Windows 7 64-bit, but I can't get it to work. All I get is a blank screen; it doesn't reach the menu, and the only way to get out is to do a hard reset (no ctrl-alt-del even). The Windows error log says: Nnot sure how much that helps. I get two such errors logged at the same timestamp whenever I try it. This is on a Core i7 Quad with a GeForce GT 320M graphics card. I tried using the compatibility modes for Windows 98/ME, Windows 95, and none at all; it was the same result each time. I also tried launching it in 256 colors and even 640x480 resolution (modifying conquer.ini also). Now, I do have an old XP machine that I can drag out, and I have verified that the game runs properly on it even in high-res mode (which looks great, by the way). But it's kind of a hassle and I'd like to be able to play on my shiny new machine instead. Can you help? I'd be happy to provide any other information you might need.