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  1. rexzooly

    Andromeda, very awesome show, do you know it ?

    No I like most older sifi's B5 just really get on my ticker for some reason I not sure what it is that I don't like about it, I guess its just one of them things and when you said your "skin-tight costume sci-fi fan" made me lol I never looked at any sifi like that but might have to keep a closer eye open HAHA lol.
  2. rexzooly

    RA 2 + YR Editor (RedState 0.1)

    I don't need free anything I have legal copys of VS.net 2003 and VSPro 2008 and the files your talking about I hope to write dll's for to handle them. Yes its point and click but your wrong about not been able to get the code, the will be a option simple click that will return the inis section the users as been using and save it to there slip board, my editor does not make it so simple they do have to read the limits as shown to them but not infored so they can still do what ever its very like editing via the text editor but this is a direct ini edite the rules will always be done by ini so the real rules never get damages, I do see where your coming from and I am not saying your is bad or wrong but people like me for one whom is dyslexic find it hard to understand file stuctires and so on, I am not that bad with them I been a Geek for so long only the spelling and reading is a problem for my self, but for these games to live on a new way of modding as to start I know the old way is good but 2 many people these days are looking for GUI version of everytihng CLI is not that big in windows anymore. Please also remeber I stated my project only a day or 2 back and I been busy with other things, I am using also a scripting language as downside to my leaning problems is it takes me froever to take something like C++ in I am able to complie a plugin for my scripting language and have friend looking in to the streaming data in and out of the files like the CSF files comeplex or details info for these files would be helpful. I might sound like I don't know where your coming from but I do I my self edit the ini file by hand on some parts not all as remebing each section to me is like a gold fish building a space rocket lol. Yes its point and click but NO it wont take the learing and the debuging way from it like I said there will be a button that have something like Copy code for this section or what ever that will return the section that the users as been muking with ;Game RA2 Version 1.0.1 [sECTION] Name=Value ; alalala someting on these lines and should be able to also pull the game version to include in a comment I also want to be able to let people input and put but there own untis and buildins with ani and artwork, in the future WAY in the future, but also I plan it include a way to controll the mods been used so lets say you get RA2 someone makes a mission back the over rides yours the editer will controll with one it will use, once the game editor is seeded in to the game it will include a simple loader that lets you do this it may mean the moders as it include a simple ini file saying mod name versioin and dir its own custom boot images, this is just another idea I have for RedState. You might think I am bonkers and you might be right but I also plain to use this my self once done I just want peoples ideas and help to make sure it can offer as much as it can.
  3. rexzooly

    RA 2 + YR Editor (RedState 0.1)

    I disagree I already had many people reply on this topic via other means of the site, I am also getting a DLL made to edit the CSF file the other files I am new to but this edits the INI diectly how do you think it works? Yes agreed people here can do most things with the INI its self and thats all good but some people just starting out would find this useful TibEb is a great starting point but it does lag limits that the first user really should have to stop people from asking silly questions, but what do you mean a Visual Studio style intellisese? this tool as only just started Dev it as plains to do way more in the future but I new it would get boo booed and I new it would be you lol and thats all ok it happens lol then tho you think its not that good as a modder try add some pointers that I have asked for people as your reply was little useless. Back to the ini option soon as you edit a value in the app its edited in the ini no saving or updating needed the safe setting are there for n00bs to know what should and shouldn't go there please don't be so closed minded if people kept a mind like that most games would never be modded at all. Thanks for your reply anyway.
  4. do you have some screen shots and what images you basing it off one thats already in the game or one you made, little more detail will help also is this for RA2 or YA.
  5. rexzooly

    1.06c development topic

    I have seen this also only with that mission and the SAM site. I was confused why they was trying to take a SAM site.
  6. rexzooly


    The links to CS are down at the moment and none of the RA download links from file planit are working for free users ffs lol or well thanks for the link I try later maybe I just want to do the ant misstion again they was fun . I was right in saying CnC as the one with the ant missions was never really numbered it was first in the line of the games yes it was a add on but still lol
  7. rexzooly


    Well I hope so lol or I joined the wrong fansite lol I am not a big fan of YR I just was not able to hit it in to the game very well in my mind, think I loved about the older games was you could rush if you had to go out but if you had the time you can really OVER KILL now I love over kill, without modding the new games are not possible and I made EA give me my money back for CNC4 god that was a hell of a sht game, and having it be online all the time was also bad idea but thats EA for you. I need to get my hands on CnC 95 for the ant misstions I clocked the game along time back and stated the ant misstions then lost the game lol. is this one of the games that are free for download from EA? Anyway thanks for showing me that image and everything
  8. rexzooly

    Red Alert 1 Badger

    Now what would be a epic unit fluffy and evil, yes please lol now if someone eva made that mod I would download it lol.
  9. rexzooly

    Andromeda, very awesome show, do you know it ?

    I would watch this over babylon 5 any day and SiFI and other channels wont stop showing babylon 5 arg wat a rotten pie. Andromed is a good program I am a startrek man myself but Andromed is one I will happlie set my V+ box to record. To people not in the UK the V+ box is little like Tvo for cable.
  10. rexzooly

    The Social Network

    Now I agree with you there and also I love Ill WIll Press AKA foamy the squirrel, maybe he needs to do rant about it , and the might bob also epic HHGG witch version are you taking the name form the , Radio/TV or really bad movie ? HA sorry lol I for one wont be watching any movie about facebooks or its founders I hate the site in the first place it even steals content from other sites a user adds the link within facebook it spiders its way thought and steals images.
  11. This time I did not go for the WOW factor I went for speed and clean so my OS desktop look pritty Blah to most people but I like it Ooo looks like I forgot to clean my bin out ... just done that Before my reinstall I had a Fallout 3 theme that the image changed ever 3 mins to a new image of FO3, FO3 is my next best game after RA2
  12. It was something I felt I needed to reply to, ya sorry I coped on to the date was march after I submitted sorry about that, to tell you the true I had problems seeing this forum all day my eyes are playing up with the colors, not the sites fault lol just [email protected] eyes I try and keep a eye on this next time thanks.
  13. rexzooly


    Thanks for showing me what it would look like, ya that one is little silly but at elst it did the job lol, I myself would not know how to add a already there build An or make my own I was just interested in what it would look like I am sure I will lean soon with my rule editor coming along slowly I would mostly want to add functions like these. I am little sad to see most people are dropping the RA2 dev for RA3, but the game AI was not the same and did not play no where near the same logicly or in the ruff game play you got for RA and RA2, every forum I been to is RA3 this and RA3 that, I like the game I have the mental in version for the PC and I have a unopned version for 360 as I have the KW CnC3 for the 360 also what I do play, but did not see the need to open RA3 it was cheap only got it as a collecters scratch lol Soon as my editors is some what ready for testing and stable I think I might give a mode/revamp for RA2 a shot my self I really want to get this game known to so many people.
  14. rexzooly

    RA 2 + YR Editor (RedState 0.1)

    Little update So far I am able to dynamily load People, Buildings & Transport and I am able to view there values. I am able to load the safelist config file so the safe values are shown to the end user. I have not started on editing values just yet but here is a updated screen shot. #1, this is the loading screen without it the program feet like it was lagging and this was not really ideal. #2 , this is the program is self. I will also include a clean Rules.ini with the program that will copy to your games folder I was going to have the program build it but they do that when copy function is faster then compile to file lol.
  15. rexzooly

    AI Cheats

    Well if its something that gets the job done then I sure you become to love one another