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  1. Its easily Sole Survivor but saying that i had more fun playing Sole Survivor online than I did with Generals especialy with 40+ players playing crazy capture the flag. Sole Survivor did have a great soundtrack though and its work getting it for that alone.
  2. apocolyp4

    The Football/Soccer Thread

    Im a Celtic supporter and Im still on a high since our last game on sunday as we won 8-1 !!! Its a shame the US as a whole dont appreciate the game as Team USA look like quite a good team just now and they might go far in the world cup, I hope for the sake of US fans that this time round the US media coverage is better than than it was during the last world cup as I had to use MSN to tell a few people in the USA the scores as the TV station did not show the games live.
  3. apocolyp4

    Favorite song? (Specific)

    TD: Mechanical Man CO: Drill RA: Hell March with Workmen and close second AM: Twins Remix TS: Mutant FS: Slave to the system RA2: Hell March 2 YR: Drok Ren: Act On Instinct Remix But my all time fave is Hell March 1.5 on Sole Survivour. Shame it was such a bad game as the soundtrack for it was great.
  4. apocolyp4

    #1 First person shooter on n64

    Turok: Rage Wars was a great multiplayer fps on the n64 as it had a ton of options and the controls were far better than both Golden eye's and Perfect Dark's. I did prefer playing 4 player Golden Eye over 4 player Perfect Dark as the levels in Golden Eye were more enjoyable to play e.g the Bunker and Complex levels.
  5. apocolyp4

    The Best, and the downright worst!

    The best present ive ever got is either my first PC when I was 12, or when I got a Bully from Bullseye (A classic UK quiz show) when I was 3 or 4 . My worse christmass was last year due to everyone getting me clothes
  6. apocolyp4

    EU to look into 'secret US jails'

    Wouldnt Alaska be a good place to have hidden prisons or other bases. The main reason that the US dont have these secret prissons (if they do exist) in the US is that prisoners have rights within the US law which means that they cant torture them (that probly wouldnt stop them but the PR would be terrible if they were discovered). Whats realy worrying most EU countries is the thought of the CIA secretly using their airports as a pitstop to transfered kidknaped people to be sent to a secret prison to be tortured.
  7. apocolyp4

    I Hate People...

    Even though you didnt do any damage you could have said a simple sorry (manners cost nothing) and the incident wouldnt have esclated.
  8. apocolyp4

    Tacticle shooter idea

    There was a good reason why VIP mode is not in the source version as it was not realy good. The idea could work if you made it like metal gear solid where you had to escape from the hostage takers and use stealth and cunning to escape from the buliding/area. You could make a mutiplayer mode where one side are the hostages trying to escape and use a third person mode and with the other side being the terrorists that have to recapture/kill them but they use a first person view.
  9. apocolyp4


    Ive been playing it for the last few days and ive been enjoying it alot. It can creep you out sometimes especially near the beginning when you go down a ladder and the girl appears, that did make me jump. I still think Half-life 2 is a better game and Resi 4 to be scaier that F.E.A.R. As for the performance problems Ive had none even with all the graphics set to highest at 1024x768 and AA on at x2 but them Im running it on a 3.2Ghz pentium 4 with 1 gig of ram and a geforce 6800 256Mb graphics card.
  10. apocolyp4

    I look kinky :-/

    I like this pic that comes up for my name. I did find a real pic of me taken about 2 years ago when I serched for my local pub pool team but that doesnt count.
  11. Im surprised Quake four didnt make the list as its one of the most violent games ive ever played. Its also bit odd that all but one game is for the PS2 mabey they didnt bring PC games into consideration for some reason.
  12. apocolyp4

    War of the Worlds.

    I liked it even though i prefer the 1952 version. Where was the experimental new H-Bomb Dammit ! SPOILER!!!! The bit I like best was the tripod getting shot with the RPG near then end which remined of Half-Life 2.
  13. apocolyp4


    BF2 runs like a dream on my pc with full draw distance and all the graphics details on high. My PC specs are: CPU = P4 3.0 Ghz RAM = 1Gb Dual Channel DDR2 RAM GPU = 256Mb Nvidia Geforce 6800 Internet = 1 Mb broadband The only problem I get is with the damn intenet game menus with the servers with 0 ping which drives me mental.
  14. apocolyp4


    The JSF is on the US aircraft carrier. Ill setup my joystick for it tomorrow.
  15. apocolyp4


    Ive been playing it for the last hour and its fantastic! It might even replace counnter-strike as my online game. Also since i have it on full spects it looks amazing. I still cant fly the bloddy JSF though