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  1. 1. How Cooler Master Cosmos II actually work? Can one fit a whole block Tower CPU into it or does he/she just need to install it with few components such as HD, RAM, Graphic/Sound/3D Cards, a processor and a motherboard? 2. I'm planning on buying these and install them all at once: - Intel® Core™ i7-990X Processor Extreme Edition (12M Cache, 3.46 GHz, 6.40 GT/s Intel® QPI) - Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO2 - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 - AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 - Kingston HyperX T1 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1866MHz CL9 DIMM - Samsung Spinpoint F4 Will they actually work well together without any complications? P/S: No negative comments please...
  2. Hello... I've added 1 TS infantry to RA2. That infantry is visible but why doesn't he animate when both moving and standing still?
  3. In what .mix file that I can put the 'RAILUSE5.aud'?
  4. Hello... I'm having a difficulty in making [MechRailGun] for the Mammoth Mk. II from TS in RA2 / YR. I'm trying to make it for RA2 / YR. I know that I gonna need all of these. But, it doesn't seems to work. Where does the file responsible for the Anim=GUNFIRE, [LargeRailgunSys], [LargeRailgunPart], BehavesLike=Railgun and warhead file for [RailShot] is actually stored in TS and where should I put it in RA2 / YR? I've already done all of the essentials inside art.ini / artmd.ini, rules.ini / rulesmd.ini, expand??, (I've made my own expand for RA2) expandmd01, language & languagemd. What makes me confuse is that I couldn't find the animation files that responsible for the Anim=GUNFIRE, partilce, particle systems for [LargeRailgunSys], [LargeRailgunPart], BehavesLike=Railgun and warhad file for [RailShot] inside TS and I have no idea where to put it in RA2 / YR. I know that those files are needed for the railgun effect to work without having the game to crash because each time when I test it, the game crashes right away. Can anyone please explain to me with full details?
  5. Hello peeps... Currently, I'm making a mod (Just a simple one and not elaborate) for me to play when I feel ultra bored... So, my questions are: 1. How do I permanently clear@remove "Fog Of War"? Is it even posibble? (Its purpose is only to monitor the AI movements. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less) 2. How do I prevent terrains/grounds from being destroyed permanently? (It's really annoying when one try to rebuild his/her base on a crater after it's being razed ya know)
  6. 1. Where can I get & how to obtain the Red Alert 3: Commander's Challenge & what is the difference between this Uprising & Commander's Challenge? Is it true that Commander's Challenge is only for XBOX? 2. Which one is the latest? Uprising or Commander's Challenge?
  7. Hello everybody... I need help in finding these 2 Mods for Red Alert 2 (Not Yuri's Revenge) the one is called 'Energy Techs Mod' and the other one I forgot what its name was but that Mod has the Mammoth Mark II from the Command And Conquer Tiberian Sun: Firestorm which has the Mobile French Grand Cannon as its ground combat weapon that fires at a very long range (Presumably twice the original French Grand Cannon Turret) and some kind of IFV/Apocalypse/Patriot Missile for its Anti-Air Unit Weapon If you guys know the 2 Mods that I've mentioned, kindly show me where can I get those...
  8. Hello everybody Can anyone help me fix this Yuri's Revenge Mod bug? >>> http://www.mediafire.com/?s129wdcjl4s8fdm I couldn't get it work in Single Player Game because today is my first time making Mod After I launched the game, it's just like that I played the game unmodded Your help is greatly appreciated P/S: THIS MOD IS ORIGINALLY MADE BY ME. I DID NOT COPY/EDIT IT FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE