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  1. hay how are you

    where you from

  2. General immeyourenot


    If were this RED it would be way to hard on the eyes. Not if you squint your eyes a bit, then it'd be fine.
  3. General immeyourenot


    The old forum styles are still available, check your profile page. You are my hero.
  4. General immeyourenot


    I was happier in Tiberian Dawn with my grey flame tanks, & my grey light tanks, & my grey stealth tanks, & my grey chem spray infantry. Why did they have to go & make Nod red anyway? & then the Kane Edition goes & makes them even more Red than they already were >.>
  5. General immeyourenot


    Blergh, red is offensive to my eyes, that is why I must play Nod in gr33n, teh colour of tiberium. It's what my harvesters would have wanted. Also, I don't know anyone here anymore. 'Cept j00 & j00 didn't forget about me, how nice.
  6. General immeyourenot


    J00 know j00 all love me really. I am everyone's favourite person! Since when did this forum turn not-blue?
  7. General immeyourenot


    Pfft, anyone who isn't Nod is lolz. Flying, high-tech ninjas are ftwzagetbh.
  8. General immeyourenot


    I don't change. Change killed Dr. Robotnik.
  9. General immeyourenot


    I'm back. Nah, I'm just kidding. April fool though. Even though it's 5 days late. I had you going for a minute there.
  10. General immeyourenot

    Now Playing - Music

    Smash Mouth - All Star
  11. General immeyourenot

    Games you are currently playing? (Spring 2005)

    pso 1, pso 2, pso 3 & lots of em. oh... some red alert 2 too.
  12. General immeyourenot

    RA3 Units - CNCNZ Style

    lol, my cat likes to disconnect me from the net by pulling out my broadband cable, & jumping on my router, -.-'
  13. General immeyourenot

    RA3 Units - CNCNZ Style

    noo, you cant endanger the poor kitties! kitties are too precious, too nice & friendly to risk, send the dogs, i dont care about dogs. i love kitties! i have my very own kitty & her name is (dont laugh) leona, can you guess where a certain someone got their name? :roll:
  14. General immeyourenot

    Local Fauna

    yeah, but im sick of her, she always thinks shes better than me at everything. she is always the instigator, i never start it, like in this topic, i dont go slagging her off for her mistakes.
  15. General immeyourenot

    Now Playing - Music

    well, maybe it is, you dont exactly see many guys listening to it. dont look to my sis to work out if it is or not though, she isnt a girl, shes a monster!