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    yuris revenge

    indeed i got such a graphics card... hmm will try the latest drivers in that case... although the ones i have right now are newer than the ones suggested in the other thread.... either way its worth a shot, thanks again edit: haha who wouldve thought this is so simple!! XD works like a charm after getting new drivers lol..... (i feel kinda stupid now lol) many thanks! edit 2: lol although ever since the update tiberian sun and generals fails to start! XD lol... haha is there a way to get them all running? lol..... edit 3: ok got it all working now.... its actually running under linux with wine as well..... thx again
  2. ra95.exe

    yuris revenge

    ok thx.. done that with the result that ra2 still works fine and yuris revenge just gives me a black screen.... =/ ...... what now? edit: hmmm i just tested tiberian sun in 800x600 and then i get the same error so i guess its bc of the resolution? .... but the problem is when i change the resolution for yuris revenge in the ra2md.ini it just ignores it ..... it will continue to start in 800x600 .....
  3. ra95.exe

    yuris revenge

    hey all i recently got the first decade... so i installed it and all and patched it with the unofficial patch 1.03 rev4 ... everythings working fine only when starting yuris revenge i get some strange screen like this here (the original ra2 also works...): the resolution is set to 800x600 and i cant seem to change it not even in the ra2md.cfg ... it has no effect even if i make it read-only .... also the 64x gamemd.exe from the latest patch didnt help.... i tried lots of stuff like compatibility mode and running as administrator but it still wont work.... is there any way to fix this? help pls... oh i'm running windows 7 ultimate 64x if that helps in any way.... and i dont think my computer is too slow for the game o_O lol i also didnt find much on google...... any help appreciated!