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    Project Update: 5th April 2011

    Really awesome news Hyper! Great work on those video stuff, now I really will be able to make a nice campaign with some extra videos. And mpg is really nice too. Even though VQA Encoder works, the format itself costs much time to get videos into it and the filesize isnt that nice. I also hope we'll see the highres in near future. But thanks to cncdraw this is not that urgent anymore as it was before. Good luck with that! But I have some questions Hyper. How hard would it be to add some hardcoded Unit/Building/Infantry Slots? It would be able to have a higher number of available units in Modding. Simply adding some A1, A2, A3, A4.... or something like that would be awesome for modding. Also what about weapons? For my self I don't need more warheads or projectiles. But the possibility of having more Units and Weapons available would be really awesome. I can imagine adding new Building Names to the exe could be more complicated because it would need a fixed foundations for every entry, right? And what about some more Waypoint slots for Campaings? It's 0 to 99 atm... would you be able to increase the number of available waypoints? I know stuff like that isnt that important as these are not any bugs. Of course what you do here is actually developing a patch. I still think Modding could benefit from that. I always played arround with Red Alert. Creating my own Campaign with selfmade videos units and music. I get so much in detail, with "animated" mission intros (blocking MANY waypoints with that actually xD ) and such. So if this kind of stuff isn't that hard to include, would you be able to integrate it into the next version of the RA Patch? As said only if this kind of stuff is easy to integrate. But no matter what happens, I think I gonna love the whole Command & Patch Team anyway xD. Really nice work guys, all of you.