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  1. madiba127

    CNCBattle 1v1 Tournament

    Better Date, Same Time Tournament will be help on Sunday at 6pm GMT/UTC and sign ups will be done via the BitsPerBeat system So Sign up http://www.bitsperbeat.com/cnc3/ ======================== also can a admin/news poster please re-post this on the front page
  2. Reminder That there is 12 days left till the tournament go here to view countdown http://cncbattle.com/community/topic/843-c...ament-reminder/ NOTE: Plokite_wolfs post has a broken link go here to sign up -> cncbattle.challonge.com/tournaments/signup/34qxv48ihj
  3. madiba127

    CNCBattle 1v1 Tournament

    Better Date, Same Time Tournament will be help on Sunday at 6pm GMT/UTC and sign ups will be done via the BitsPerBeat system So Sign up http://www.bitsperbeat.com/cnc3/
  4. madiba127

    Add a custom ground texture

    i made a tutorial covering this on ModDB http://www.moddb.com/mods/halorts/tutorial...he-worldbuilder hope that helps you can only do this for C&C3 and not KW though
  5. madiba127


    Hello Everyone we at CNCBattle.com want to provide Tournaments for each of the C&C games we already do ones for RA2/YR but want to spreed that out So we are looking for more staff but thats on another post here on CNCNZ We wish to do another Tournament for C&C3 but without staff to help me they just don't happen very fast so that's why i am looking for members to help me run them by being in-game during the Tournament etc if anyone is interested please PM me on CNCBattle.com Here and if you have any questions feel free to post them below
  6. madiba127

    Recruiting Tournament Admin's

    Guys this still stands, and is now very important or we will have to close the site down however just PM me instead as neo retired => http://cncbattle.com/community/user/6-madiba127/ We need staff for all games from generals up so thats Generals Zero hour Command and Conquer 3 Kane's Wraith Red Alert 3 Command And Conquer 4
  7. madiba127

    Neogrant Retires from C&C

    Neogrant Retires from C&C Sorry To see you go neo, best of luck with what you do next
  8. madiba127

    C&C3 Tournament

    Event is being Livestreamed by Gamereplays own Green_ZERO and Ctk! so go Here to view it
  9. madiba127

    C&C3 Tournament

    You are now able to sign up using our new system http://www.bitsperbeat.com/cnc3/, Please enter your C&C3 player name and not your Kane's Wraith one like the sign up box says.
  10. madiba127

    C&C3 Tournament

    July 10, 2011 - 11:00 UTC This is a Single Elimination BO3 Tournament Structure: Sign Up; Check In 30 minutes before the tournament begins; Play! Reporting: We have an auto report system. It’s very simple. You will find the giant buttons when you need them. Support: Players will have access to our support. If you have any problems during a tournament, use the support page. Communication: There will be an admin in Tournament 1 Game Settings: Game Speed will be set to Maximum Resources to be set to 10000 Random Crates will be Off Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will be on Map Pool: Tournament Arena Small Town USA Tournament Tower Pipeline Problems Tournament Dustbowl Tournament Rift Do-Nots: Cheat, Hack, Multiaccount Sending stupid support tickets Flame, Whine, Whatever Players who cause huge delays by going afk or having a lot of DCs may possibly be removed from a running tournament. The active admin can take this decision when a match delays the progress of the whole tournament. Do not forget: Report the game after it is finished. Winner and loser both have to report. Checking in starts 15 minutes before the tournament begins. Save all replays. All Replays must be uploaded. Click on your match or the upload button. In case of a out-of-sync error, the following policy applies: You must save and upload the replay, and a tournament staff member will review the replay. If there is a clear winner, that player will advance. If not, the match will be replayed. The staff member’s decision is final and non-negotiable, and failure to comply with the decision the player will disqualified. Sign up at http://www.bitsperbeat.com/cnc3/ with your C&C3 Player Name
  11. madiba127

    Christchurch (NZ) Earthquake

    well it was an hour after the 5.5 that 6.0 hit, and once again it was at Lunch time well still glad to know no one else was critically injured and that the only buildings to fall down where in the red zone
  12. madiba127

    Mammoth Mk. II Wreck

    My Current WIP Drawing of the Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun Mammoth Mk. II, Most of it is done but it still needs detail on the body This was drawn in photoshop using a tablet, i still need to add the detail to the main body and add some more detail to the ground i am going for the ion storm effect,so once finished i will add a over layer to make it more blurred P.S. I can not draw mountains but i think i did a good job
  13. madiba127


    now why could i not see that
  14. madiba127


    now i have no idea if this has been posted on CNCNZ hence i will post this here first