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  1. I actually from Europe, but i know Russian and , most importantly, i know this Russian magazine and this blogger. I actually started buying their magazine sine 2007. And believe me this is a big CnC fan since the 1st game. ANd so to make you understand what he said i will translate it.
  2. Hello Zee, I'm back, sorry for not talking or replying with and the others, but i had some problems like graduation and stuff like that. But now i'm free and ready to talk. BTW remember my suggestions for season 5 http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/15234-suggestions-for-season-4/page__st__20 ? Well i think i may have some other ideas for this season. On the cnc fan site "CnC Source" I found fan made drawings for Nod's military unit Chameleon I think this will be and interesting choice for you. And as for unit weapons i've also have some ideas: this weapon will be good for GDI Missle Squad this weapon will be good for Combat Engineer And , if you wish, I can choose some weapons for Generals military units. BTW the soviet episode was hilarious, keep up the good work. Also Hello from Europe.
  3. I think Zee should continue with series, because they have a great success and have a lot of cncn fans watching it. But If he wishes to end them, i think he should end them with a big note, just like Mark Hamill did in Batman Arkham City. Still, Respect the show and it's creator. Kepp going man,your the best. BTW next season should CnC Generals
  4. I have an idea for next epsiode:Allies are protecting Einstiens base in black forest. Soviets must build a camp and capture Einstien
  5. Ok zee, by the way ,will you make tesla trooper,crazy ivan, desolator for soviets and rockeeter, chrono legionnaire and initiate , virus, yuri clones and brutes for yuris side? Oh, and Nmeth, i saw Red alert paradigma, good work. :-))))
  6. Ok OK dont get mad. By the way, i have good suggestions for season 5 (C&C 3). this weapon http://www.brickarms.com/Images2/products/...ide_Black_S.gif will be good for NOD Shadow team http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2009...adows_Cameo.png This weapon http://www.brickarms.com/Images2/products/BA-M5_Black_S.gif will be good for NOD militants http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2009...Squad_Cameo.png This weapon http://www.brickarms.com/Images2/products/M47_T_Black_S.gif will be good for GDI Commando http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2009...mando_Cameo.png This weapon http://www.brickarms.com/Images2/products/...PDW_Black_S.gif will be good for NOD commando This weapon http://www.brickarms.com/Images2/products/M67_Black_S.gif will be good for GDI grenadier http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2009...adier_Cameo.png THis is my Season 5 wish list. Please Zee read and comment
  7. Think how turi will look in Read alego 2 and yuris revenge. I think this will be cool. BTW send more pictures please or make a trailer to see them in action. :-)))))
  8. Have you saw hsi works, if yes,then you maust say that he have some good works. If not ,then its your opinion, and i cant changeit. Anyway i will still watch Tiberium Lwgos, because you have great and funny ideas. Godd luck with Season 4. :-)))))
  9. Hey zee, you know whom you should call? SABERSCORPION!!!! He hase made lego characters from star wars, halo left4dead, man even for masseffect!!! Go check his page you'll be in shock
  10. By the way , what allied or soviet tanks will be in season 4 ? Maybe robot tank(allies), V3 rocket(soviets), or maybe even from yuris revenge like magnetron? Please tell!!!
  11. You know it would be interesting beginig, when Tanya is on the beach, drinking cold cola, when suddenly a soviet dreadnoghut fires and she jumps into the water, then she comes out with the pistol and bomb and the saying That one will go up real good!! And for the begining the hell march 2 song starts playing