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  1. What are your system and Wine specs? On my Core 2 Quad with Wine 1.7.4 I have no speed issues - not even much flickering - with transparency enabled. Using winetricks dotnet20sp and gdiplus_winxp (plain gdiplus with older winetricks). I don't think CnCNet 5 will have any other clients than the current official one for now. Originally I had planned to write a portable Java client but I never got around to actually do it as the now official client was very feature rich and complete. Also, Linux and Wine are not major targets for CnCNet, even though I do all my dev on Linux and Wine. As long as the client 'runs' well enough for me to test out something I consider it good enough, otherwise I would bug Funky. I'm not developing the client so in the end it comes down to FunkyFr3sh what he wants to do with it. These are just my experiences and opinions.
  2. hifi

    PlayCNC - The Beginning

    Because we're not XWIS (means we are flexible [which means we are not WOL restricted]), we have code to launch TD and RA without WChat/WOL and we are missing developers and no one has contacted us about making CnCNet better or telling us we're doing something wrong and showing the way of how things should be done by either a verbal fight with me or providing actual code that does stuff better. It's really only about not talking with us first before going public what I'm upset about as it would have cleared up their intentions, motivations and reasons [why CnCNet isn't workable].
  3. hifi

    PlayCNC - The Beginning

    Not necessarily. CnCNet needs able developers and is completely open for people to join and contribute. If we can't agree on something then I don't see a problem starting a new project. Overall I always hope to find a common ground but if I have decided something someone seriously needs to prove me wrong before I change my mind. And it's a good thing people prove me some of my methods are wrong as it keeps my feet on the ground. That's one reason why CnCNet 5 is very open for custom clients because it's hard to please everyone and I can then move the blame of a crappy client to the developer and just run the backend. Now I can blame funky for problems in his client . He has done outstanding job with it and I'm very happy people have found it pleasing to use.
  4. hifi

    PlayCNC - The Beginning

    CnCNet 5 recently got a compatibility mode with unmodded TS and RA2 that brings basic support for them and their mods. I've talked to DTA and MO dev teams about possibility for them to write their own integrated custom clients. The problem with CnCNet 4 was that it in fact did that scattering unintentionally by providing an alternative to XWIS for TS and RA2 were are best played there at the time community wise. The good thing for mod developers was that they got their own private lobbies instead of a global XWIS lobby where you wouldn't be certain everyone in the room had the same mod and the additional benefits of tunneling mode. I don't support piracy and having an alternative to XWIS for RA2 certainly allows pirated games to play online easier. That's one reason why I was hesistant to add any support for it in CnCNet 5. Compatibility mode turned out to work nice so for mod developers it should be good news. Edit: Got so stuck at TS and RA2. The first two games (TD and RA) are my priority because they had the least working online experience to begin with (TD mostly) and they are more important to me personally. They are also games that I'm comfortable to hack around because I have some support from Nyerguds and iran (who took the lead developer role of ra303p btw.) so working with the games is also pleasant and I get some help when I need it. RA2 hacking is mostly done by the Ares team and they seem to do a good job with their tools for their needs and is completely different how hacking with TD and RA is done (except Arda but the project is closed source anyway). CnCNet 5 full support requires heavy in-game modifications and I'm not experienced in the newer games enough to do that solely by myself.
  5. hifi

    PlayCNC - The Beginning

    The way this project was put together without even consulting or talking in advance with CnCNet is a bit upsetting. They have no obligation to do that but it would have been in good spirit. While they could've contributed to CnCNet they had to start another project and probably fork everything CnCNet has done so far to achieve what they have said in the first post. Current CnCNet 5 plans are EXACTLY what they are going to do and if they want to create similiar full experience with the first two games (TD and RA) they most probably need to use the CnCNet 5 launching code for them (spawner in CnCNet language). I haven't heard back from Sean yet but the first impression certainly isn't good. CnCNet 5 still lacks a proper client and they could've just done that instead of a new project. While it's always nice to have more people working on keeping the games online it's not healthy for the community to start new projects that can potentially scatter the player base without even trying to work with the current developers of similiar projects first. Improving CnCNet is in the best interest of TD and RA players because that's where they are currently at. I would even be willing to bury CnCNet in favor of a better service but not like this. (Also the unofficial CnCNet 5 alpha client already supports both TD and RA and they work great [TD max 5 players] with some [<-] issues that are still looked into).
  6. Those are the kind of things Arda is for, IMO.
  7. I will distribute a fixed exe with everything when p3 is released to avoid patching hassle. That's essentially the installer. Yes, after it is thoroughly tested. I encourage CnCNet players to play with p2 to test out the fixes and overall stability. Eng/Fra: Nope. The bug is in rules.ini. Others: Maybe, if they don't cause out-of-sync errors when fixed and me or AlexB or anyone else capable finds the cause.
  8. Nah, I'm expecting AlexB will implement everything feasible in Arda itself, that's way better than trying to fiddle with compatibility and different versions. 3.03p is about making subtle changes in the executable itself that won't affect the gameplay a lot. Those are bug fixes mainly. Possibly a better hires than ra95-hires was if AlexB helps me a bit. And zocom, I can't use Visthas work without permission. Also he didn't share any "sources" for anyone to use.
  9. Hi, I've been working with CCHyper and lately with AlexB to port some of the changes from CCHyper's now defunct 3.04 and bug fixes from AlexB's ARDA project. The reason behind this is that I think there is a need for a stable 3.03 which is 100% compatible with the most widely used version without the fancy features of ARDA. The features currently missing from ARDA are the unit build crash fix and -LAN and -INTERNET arguments. However, I expect AlexB to make a proper fix for the first in ARDA and add support for -LAN and -INTERNET in the future. 3.03p1 was released to private testing, a bug was caught in the patch itself and later fixed. 3.03p2 includes CCHyper's -LAN argument for CnCNet and also additional -INTERNET argument. The unit build crash is when you hit the maximum limit of allowed unit type but try to build even more, all players in the current game will crash. The most usual occurance of this was with air vehicles as their limit is fairly low in the default rules.ini. Red Alert 3.03p2 patch by hifi <3 --------------------------------- This patch updates your Red Alert 3.03 to 3.03p2. Bug fixes: * [Maximum] unit build crash in multiplayer * Instruction Error with Fences on Upper Map Border (ported from ARDA by AlexB) * Crash When Projectiles Leave The Map (ported from ARDA by AlexB) * Problem Related To Tags (ported from ARDA by AlexB) New features: * -LAN argument to go directly into Multiplayer mode (ported from CCHyper's 3.04) * -INTERNET argument to go directly into Internet login I'd like to thank AlexB for sharing the fixes and helping me rewrite them! Also I love you, CCHyper <3 Press ENTER to continue or Ctrl-C to cancel. -------------------------------------------- Download the patch from http://hifi.iki.fi/c...hes/ra303p2.exe The lastest version of this patch and all other patches that I've compiled are always available at: http://hifi.iki.fi/cnc/ra/patches/ Worth noting is that you need a clean "ra95.dat" from ra303eng.zip (the official 3.03 patch) to apply any of the patches. The redalert1.com package exe is NOT compatible with this patch as it was based on an alpha version of CCHyper's 3.04 which had conflicting changes. If you are using the redalert1.com package, you need to download ra303eng.zip, unzip ra95.dat, and apply the following patches: 303p2, forcenoam, forcenocs, deinterlace 1 or 2, fix cursor bug v2 and movies2. Finally rename ra95.dat to ra95.exe and it should work just fine except it has no icon. If you are not using cnc-ddraw, you don't need to apply the cursor bug fix. Note to CnCNet players: If you start playing with this, you won't crash but anyone else will without this patch if any of the bugs is encountered. If you find any problems, please post to this thread. If you encounter any crashes during normal gameplay, take an note of the instruction address. When possible, find a way to reproduce the crash so fixing it would be a lot easier. Extra points for retesting with ARDA and notifying AlexB too if the bug is not fixed in ARDA yet! ARDA also generates a good debug dump of the error which is very useful. That's a long post, didn't proof read, sorry.
  10. Unfortunately the Express edition does not support MFC so I couldn't even compile a simple test plugin to begin with. What I need is to know what COM interfaces I need to implement and how I expose them to the browser with the dll. Need to Google more I guess. It has not been made easy Was just referring to ActiveX that when I get the window HWND I can pass it to cnc-ddraw and everything just works itself out like it does with the NPAPI version as the plugin itself is just a proxy. I admit my jokingly anti-IE stance might have been provoking but I can assure you it was half joke and half anti-ActiveX (and not IE). IE9 has proven to be a fine browser, only the plugin API still sucks as does NPAPI too, the documentation for it was crap but available. Yes it does, thats why I made a Chrome extension. It also works on Opera and other NPAPI supporting browsers that I forgot.
  11. Though, I just don't see any reason why you contribute to this thread if you don't just give a ****. Go do something you like instead? The overall hostility of you against my project is absurd. I already changed the status of IE to TODO. Correct (free) documentation of the API is hard to find or even any description how the hell it works (ActiveX). I only find some MFC docs and examples which don't really help when I'm developing in C where I need to implement a COM class by hand like cnc-ddraw. EDIT: Adding to that is that why I must go the hard route for everything is that my development environment is Mingw32 on Linux (that is by my choice and preference) so just pressing a nice "Create me an ActiveX object with code skeleton using MFC" from MSVC doesn't cut it. That also doesn't tell me how it works internally which is what I'm more interested in than C++ template abstraction. You were good at googling before, find me some real docs and I'll give you your damn ActiveX plugin. C skeleton code would be the best tbh, I just need a HWND to work with.
  12. You apparently know a lot about emulating DirectDraw and how to encapsulate a whole game inside a plugin, why don't you do it? It's all open source, naturally. First you try to sell me a complete framework which is written in the wrong language, most probably hide the required details for my plugin to work. The latter might work, but was it so necessary to call me lazy and insult my hard work to which I poured my soul trying to contribute something awesome? Again it might not work taken the details of my plugins inners into account. Yes, I troll around all the time because I don't want to be so serious, but calling me lazy for something *I did* out of my free time I do not accept.
  13. Wtf, have you ever written a browser plugin? Everyone else agree on the same NPAPI interface but Microsoft has it's own ActiveX thingy. It's not something like HTML and CSS when you can work around some bugs. Supporting IE means writing a completely new plugin for it. Thanks for being so damn supportive for many wasted nights of coding.
  14. OHAI RA and possibly any cnc-ddraw supported game in a (Win32) browser: http://hifi.iki.fi/cnc-plugin/ Currently in public testing with modified http://redalert1.com/ Red Alert package. Requires Windows and Firefox or Chrome. Trololol.
  15. hifi

    Multiplayer scripting

    So there is no wsock32.dll in the game directory AT ALL? Just checking to be 100% certain the bug is in cnc-ddraw and not in any LAN/CnCNet patch. (Though I don't give a **** about WOL [CnCNet!!11111oneone] but am still happy to fix it, just had to say it