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    RA 2 editing problem

    thats too bad, although it seems strange that they would have disabled a unit that you would ordinarily be unable to produce in the first place. by any chance did you have a chance to check out the details that i included regarding the seals? any other ideas? thanks for the reply
  2. i have run into an issue while using tibed, i had edited several items with no problem until the allied level where you are tasked with defending the pentagon and retaking dc. specifically i had made the navy seals available to train in single player, i had no problem till the level mentioned above, and can no longer train the seals. i can still train them in skirmish mode as the allies. after completing the pentagon level the problem persists into further levels seal details- [GHOST] UIName=Name:GHOST Name=SEAL Image=SEAL Category=Soldier Prerequisite=GAPILE Primary=MP5 Secondary=Sapper NavalTargeting=4 LeadershipRating=8 AlternateArcticArt=yes ; ie SEALA for arctic maps C4=yes Assaulter=no ; I clear out UC buildings CrushSound=InfantrySquish Crushable=yes TiberiumProof=yes Strength=125 Armor=flak TechLevel=2 Pip=red Sight=8 Speed=5 Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no Cost=1000 Soylent=1000;1500 Points=50 IsSelectableCombatant=yes VoiceSelect=SealSelect VoiceMove=SealMove VoiceAttack=SealAttackCommand VoiceFeedback= VoiceSpecialAttack=SealSpecialAttack DieSound=SealDie EnterWaterSound=TanyaEntersWater LeaveWaterSound=TanyaLeavesWater Locomotor={4A582744-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} PhysicalSize=1 SpeedType=Amphibious MovementZone=AmphibiousDestroyer ; I am the only one with this zone, because it is now tied with being an infantry (part of seal stuck on tree bug) ThreatPosed=25 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons SpecialThreatValue=1 ImmuneToVeins=yes VeteranAbilities=STRONGER,FIREPOWER,ROF,SIGHT,SCATTER,FASTER EliteAbilities=SELF_HEAL,STRONGER,FIREPOWER,ROF,FASTER Size=1 DetectDisguise=no ElitePrimary=MP5E IFVMode=4 SelfHealing=yes Occupier=yes