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    C&C: Commando logo found

    It's one of the resources for Renegade LevelEdit, open it with ResourceHacker.
  2. Will include anti-cheat, selectable spawn locations, pre-set alliances (like in Yuri's Revenge), exploit fixes, extremely quick map sharing, support for multiple spectators, high quality map previews and much more! The same CnCNet client will be used for RA2 as the one that is currently used and you will be able to play RA2 and YR from within the same client (no need for multiple clients). On a side note the Official CnCNet YouTube channel has more than 125,000 views and more than 2,500 subscribers. We are looking for players who are willing to record CnCnet games for us. Check out this thread to submit videos!
  3. Could you make a news post about the info I posted here: http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/19081-cncnet-player-peak-rises-to-over-500-players/ Has some stuff about ladder, social media, development for YR support and calls for volunteers. Don't really understand why you couldn't just do two news posts. But it does remind me it could be very useful to start a partnership with C&C:Online
  4. As of last Sunday the player peak rises to over 500 players! 512 to be exact as of January 4th 21:20 (CET). CnCNet keeps growing thanks to you! 2015 will bring more features and support for more games on CnCNet. We recently launched a new website and new forums skin, thanks to our new developer Grant. Our developers are working on adding ladder support for all the games we currently support. We have a new official CnCNet YouTube account now and we'll be using it to upload a variety of CnCnet related content, such as videos of online matches played on CnCNet, trailers and tutorials. https://www.youtube.com/user/CnCNetOfficial?sub_confirmation=1 Work is continuing on bringing support for Yuri's Revenge to CnCnet 5, with a brand new client too. What we curently have allows you to launch online and skirmish matches with friends, with all map, game options, game modes and other features working. Currently coop crashes in the score screen and support for map sharing and anti-cheat is lacking. Once this is added and the client progresses we'll release our first beta. Later on we'll add support for optional name/account registration, ladder, quick match, clans, friends list etc. For more information visit http://www.cncnet.org and on don't forget to follow our social media pages: http://twitter.com/cncnetofficial http://facebook.com/cncnet http://google.com/+CncnetOrgOfficial We are looking for people interested in creating video content for us, which may include recordings of online matches played on CnCNet 5, trailers, video effects, tutorials etc. If you're interested contact us on our forums. We're also looking for people with experience playing RA2/YR online or modding experience who can help us with testing and development of the Yuri's Revenge support for CnCNet 5. You can contact me or Grant personally for a position or just join our developer chat room.
  5. C&C Commando was the working title of C&C Renegade, which was released in February 2002. Here's the thread with the info about the demo. The demo will be released soon: http://www.assemblergames.com/forums/showthread.php?54593-C-amp-C-Commando And here's a video of the actual demo running:
  6. Hey. The site is up again. Thanks for the comments ;-*)
  7. Hi Chad, that's a nice idea. You can create your own min-campaign that way if you want and release it. Remember that the 3.03p supports the custom missions list, mini-campaigns and the option to skip the map selection screen for individual missions (as part of a campaign too).
  8. No it isn't possible, it would also break being able to play with multiplayer AI allies against the scripted AI enemy. Plus it would require the player to manually add the AI enemy, which is pretty weird. The map is still a multiplayer/skirmish map and the win/lose trigger working requires the co-op logic. The reason it doesn't work for multi1-8 AI players is because the game sets those AI players as multiplayer AI and thus runs the multiplayer AI code, it doesn't do that for non-multi1-8 houses. I also added extra map triggers which allows for doing cool things like dropping nukes, iron curtaining units etc and giving/substracting money. I also added a key to allow the chrono reinforcements trigger to be used with every vehicle unit, instead of Chrono Tanks.
  9. So all my predictions were correct. You can enable coop mode for your map, which also enables the usage of TeamTypes. Use houses that aren't Mult1-Multi8 for the AI player. Be sure to set a win trigger. See feature list: https://github.com/Iran/ra303p-iran/blob/master/docs/features.md >Added new IsCoopMode= option to the [basic] section of a map, this enabled some single player logic like single player AI logic and allows you to make coop maps with working AI production/teamtypes/auto-create/triggers etc and working win/lose triggers. Additional documentation forthcoming.
  10. @Tiddalick: I'm not interested in looking into this. It's pretty tedious. @CP5670: My patch is based on 3.03, and not 2.00 as you're probably aware of. Could you check what's working and what's broke with 3.03? I think my patch (3.03p) broke the CTF flag colors (I rewrote parts of the color system which required me to fix some other sufff too), but I think the AI auto-base build thing just doesn't work with 3.03. When I was working on co-op I noticed that in multiplayer the game doesn't call the function that does a lot of per player (both computer and human) housekeeping for the non-multiplayer 'houses'. Basically when you play singleplayer you play with a house like Greece against another house like Russia with Neutral house stuff on the map. In multiplayer all players (including computers) play as multi1-8, the game only calls the code to do per house housekeeping on the multi1-8 houses in multiplayer afaik. This means the auto-base building stuff might not work. I know I had to patch it for coop. (Though I might have broken it when adding coop...). Not sure about the darkness crate. The AI building naval stuff was a hack, the game contains a function for it which they hacked out...when enabling it doesn't work properly, when hacked around you can get the AI to produce naval stuff. Problem is the AI always sell his naval yard/subpen after a bit of time because it's on the top of the "sell building with power lower or out of money) priority list. The biggest issue is that there is no AI code for having the naval units attack or do anything else. Please test the CTF flag, autobase building and darkness crate bugs please with 3.03.
  11. The crashdump has something to do with uncovering cell shadow...so it probably crashed while unveiling the whole map. You need to use spawn.xdp instead of rules.ini when using cncnet5/spawner
  12. cncnet5 uses ra95-spawn.exe, which is an older version of the EXE. try replacing ra95-spawn.exe with ra95.exe from the download.
  13. Not sure if there's still interest for this but I just compiled a new version, will update the PortableRA website on iran.cnc-comm.com/redalert if there are no issues: - Added Jungle theater support and data files - Fixed the game locking up at missing start when the game can't find any music and the 'random starting music' game option is enabled. - Fixed loading of beta graphics recreations, DOS sidebar and small infantry etc. - NOT SURE but I think I fixed the issue where the game would crash while loading some mission saevegames OR when you re-loaded a mission savegame twice using 'load mission' savegame dialog. Minimum game package 14.2MB (no music, no movies, no campaign, no extra, comes with expansions): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21865790/PortableRA.zip Installer 151.0MB (everything except movies): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21865790/PortableRA%20setup.exe Movies like always can be found on http://iran.cnc-comm.com/redalert , direct download link for movies installer is http://iran.cnc-comm.com/ra/PortableRA%20videos%20setup.exe