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  1. Zuender

    Red Alert Buglist

    a thanks^^ it works without ddraw but the colors are not displayed correctly^^ this is why i downloaded it in the first place :-(
  2. Zuender

    Project Update: 5th April 2011

    Of course but to get really nostalgic and to get this feeling of the old times back it has to be perfect. Getting the briefing and after that you choose one of the 4-5 missions per part of the game in the map of europe. I mean it is not changing the gameplay of the missions but this was awesome too and part of the style. Do it for mother russia ^^
  3. Zuender

    Red Alert Buglist

    I may have encountered another bug. When playing sometimes the courser disappears. It is no longer visible :-(.... Got the original versoin of TFD official patched with the original 1.02 patch first. Then patched with with the 1.03(with the newest version available) and i use the Window-mode supplied by nyerguds. You may wanna add this to your bug-list :-(... P.S.: Just ask if you need more info.
  4. Zuender

    Project Update: 5th April 2011

    Adding the retaliation campaing mode to red alert is that what i hoped for. CnC retaliation was my first CnC game. Now playing it in window mode with win7 x64 looks awesome... now the only thing missing is a suitable background theme^^.