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  1. I know its not right to rape such an old thread, but it is still very relevant imo. i just reinstalled the game (about time :D) and had some problems with ccconfig and that darn resolution problem. i actually found this thread again by googling "oedi nyerguds ddraw" x) didnt know when and where we had this discussion, but i still knew we had it this is still working perfectly and exactly the way i want the game to look. I seriously can't thank you enough, even 5 years later
  2. what the hell did i start with my screenshots
  3. tried both, didnt really see a difference, maybe im blind i used .gif because its not as big as jpeg, bmp etc files, i know it messes with the colors, but my upload isnt the fastest here
  4. Works like a charm, thank you!
  5. starting the game through the .exe or TFD shortcut doesnt make any difference. i didnt install it in the program files directory, i like to have all my games sorted in a c:\games directory. i tried it on my brothers computer using the same patch, hes using a monitor with 1680x1050 resolution, it works perfectly there.
  6. sry you didnt get my point i can play the game in fullscreen, no problems there. but when i start in fullscreen, the game starts in 640x480 no matter what. conquer ini says 640x400 and ddraw.ini say windowed=false. as you can see the the screenshots. i made all in windowed mode, but it looks the same in fullscreen (exept the first one, thats what i want in fullscreen)
  7. Hi there, I got the following problem, and I'm about half sure that this occures only after the latest patch: I want to play the game in 640x400 (original game resolution i think) in fullscreen on my 1920x1080 monitor, because I just don't like that the sidebar doesnt extend to the bottom of the screen. its just ugly imo. anyway, when ' start the game it automatically extends the resolution to 640x480 so i got an empty line under my sidebar. here are some screenshots for better understanding: this (windowed) is what i want to see in fullscreen: but, when i start the game in fullscreen, the starting menu is like this, extended with a black bottom line: (be aware that i made the screens in window mode, because screenshots in fullscreen only result in black pictures in paint) ingame i get an "extended" sidebar: (dont mind the colors, i messed up with paint) my CCConfig looks like this: i tried almost everything in that config, i never get 640x400 in fullscreen in the older patch version i think i had black lines at the top and the bottom of the screen, like in a dvd movie, but at least there was no ****ing extended sidebar thanks for your help!
  8. yes,but i dont know the map names. i remember at least 2 maps where you play a dark green team which is both NOD/GDI
  9. Here you go: http://uploaded.to/file/0de7bh0t
  10. sorry bout that, i just uploaded the complete cd, didnt really look what all that stuff inside was
  11. thanks for making the inventory. i've got another CD here for red alert 1 called command missions volume 2, if someone is interested ill upload it too.
  12. only because you asked so nicely: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21591748/CommandMissionsVol1.rar
  13. Hi there, i searched some old stuff and found this C&C1 mission pack cd called "Command Missions" with tons of maps and some other stuff for the dos version of C&C and i thought i might share it with you. http://uploaded.to/file/cr9258h5 im sorry if someone already posted this. have fun
  14. jesus, im searching for this mappack since i played it in the dos version of cnc in 1996. the floppy with the missions went missing and i never found them again until today. i cant believe it, you even made it compatible with your patch. man, i LOVE you! you just gave a meaning to 15 years of search
  15. nah, i want these units in singleplayer, thats why i opened this thread i know that these units are available in multiplayer, but thats just even more confusing why they arent in singleplayer (because the enemy can build them in singleplayer, so why cant i?)