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  1. ptd163

    Battlefield 3

    BF3 does look beast. I'm not gonna argue that, but I'm still not playing it because I have to use Origin. EA's spyware.
  2. ptd163

    GDI Crawlers in C&C Vortex Mod

    Now that is a use of the crawlers I would've supported EA LA on. Making it a side epic unit. Can't wait to see the mod.
  3. ptd163

    Specialty Generals

    Could you possibly teach me or write a tutorial I can follow?
  4. ptd163

    Specialty Generals

    Well, thanks for your input Zee. Is there anyone who would actually know how to do this if it's even possible?
  5. How difficult, if at possible is to change the specialty generals in ZH? Because TidEd v1.71 makes it really change YR special units & building around.
  6. Win 7 won't allow me to drag engnicon 0000.pcx from my expolorer window to the right fileview.
  7. ptd163

    AMD gets a new Guiness World Record

    Congrats AMD you finally did something right. But honestly, who have access to liguid nitrogen and helium.
  8. ptd163

    Prototype under Windows 7

    As you can see my computer blows past the minimum requirements. If you need cut the results out off the page I will.
  9. I've been having some trouble with Prototype. The installation and cutscenes work fine, but when theres actual gameplay involved my game is all glitchy and laggy. It's like I'm playing frame by frame. Anyone know how to fix this?
  10. That be awesome if you could make one.
  11. Is there way I use any of the audio in YR? I'm creating a custom unit and I want to use the Redeemer's "I LIVE!" creation audio.
  12. OK thanks for the help guys. Now for another question. Could I use a custom cameo for a unit, but have use existing sprites/SHP?
  13. ptd163

    TibEd 2 won't open my progject

    First TibEd locks up and goes white then this box comes up. You click OK and hear sound then this comes up. You click on that box and you get this box. And I think more than one of them comes up because I have to spam click the OK button.
  14. I created a mod yesterday and saved the project now whenever I try open it in TibEd 2 it just crashes.
  15. ptd163

    ZH Dialog Boxes

    Yes, the mod still works after those boxes.