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  1. I think the boss is the one who is playing and said " Siapa Menang? " means who win? Normally the leader or the head will say that word while standing up. I also did not know that there are Malaysian playing Renegade... Most of them majority is either Dota, Dota2, LoL or CS1.6
  2. ImperialKaskins

    My personal opinion on the game

    Tiberiun Alliances platform is on a web browser game, its like farmville on facebook or mafia. For me i would say is good because I have no time playing real games like RTS and any action game so i play web browser game.
  3. ImperialKaskins

    Renegade Multiplayer Practice (Difficulty)

    Or you can find some of my maps I created with added bots. http://www.moddb.com.../cc-underbot-21 http://www.moddb.com...etropolisbot-20 http://www.moddb.com.../cc-basinbot-20 http://www.moddb.com...bunkerstsbot-20 Just need some good PC to run it. If ya using Pentium 4 then it will be very laggy. I tested on 3-4 PC's I have.