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  1. [i'm posting a question here because it's related to my question] I know this had been asked before but that was a long time ago, and I haven't seen newer answers. My question is: Can you start two mods at the same time in TW? I've seen that you can start mod: "CnC3 A New Experience" and for example Tiberium Essence mod at the same time, by adding a line in skudef file: look here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/cc3-a-new-experience/forum/thread/combining-experiences. I would like to do the same with my mod. So what do I have to do with the source files of my mod to be able to start it with Tiberium Essence mod via skudef file? (note: i don't want to change Tiberium Essence files) my mod just changes the look of Nod Power Plant and Nod Hand, (which I think isn't modded in TE?)