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  1. Thank you all. I stick with the version from Tore. Then you add "The Lost Files" you have also the cinematics from the two addons. The only two draw backs here are that you have to use another exe to play the addons with full content and the CD checks are not removed.
  2. That guide misses the movies for the original game and the addon Covert Operations.
  3. Thanks Plokite_Wolf, I already did that, but that does not remove the CD checks (or ISOs for that matter) and as far as I know the movies won't be copied.
  4. Guide for a full installation of C&C Gold and addon Covert Operations Since I couldn't find a complete guide to cover this, I wrote this to save others time and confusion. Thanks to Nyerguds and its unofficial C&C Gold patch (which is also a standalone installer) and some additional files you can make a full installation of C&C Gold and addon Covert Operations. By full installation I mean: - Latest patch - Movies and Music for C&C Gold - Movies and Music for the addon Covert Operations - Play it without any CD (full content on harddisk) under Windows XP 32Bit Main Installation with patches Download and install cc95v106b_r2_full.exe Download and install cc95v106c_r1.exe Download and extract this to your game folder 106c_r1_hotfix1.zip Additional Files Music pack from addon Covert Operations cc95v106_mus.rar C&C Gold movies cnc1_movies_full.rar C&C addon Covert Operations movies hcnc1_movies_covops.rar Savegame packs for high resolution C&C Gold Savegames HiRes Suggestions - If something is missing or unnecessary, please correct this. - Maybe this can be me made a sticky post in the forum or included on Nyergud's site. - @Nyerguds: How about splitting the patch in a base part with the big files (movies, music, etc.) and one part with the rest (Patches, Fixes) for future development?
  5. Hi, As far as I know there are the following patches: Patch 1.08: last official patch from Westwood Patch 3.03 Beta: Beta patch from Westwood, but never officially released Patch 3.03 (4 Player Internet): Based on the beta patch from Westwood and edited by Nyerguds (http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cncstuff/0_files.html) Does the latest patch 3.03 contain all previous patches to play under Windows?
  6. Hi, how can I make a full installation of Red Alert and its two expansions Counterstrike and Aftermath? By full installation I mean: - Movies and Music for Red Alert - Movies and Music for Counterstrike and Aftermath - Play it without any CD (full content on harddisk) under Windows XP - Latest patch I tried the Red Alert Manager v0.98 which removes the CD check for Red Alert, but not for its expansions Counterstrike and Aftermath. Also there are no movies . Is that possible (similiar to Command & Conquer Gold unofficial patch by Nyerguds) or has anyone a guide to do that?