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    C&c 95 Question?

    Hi, this probably gets asked a lot however. I was wondering how do I give Nod & GDI access to units that they can build in multiplayer in single player like giving both sides Commandos, Nod APCs and MLRS? I want to do this for my own custom levels you see but I want to use the same build preprequisites as they are in C&C95 manual? For example: When GDI has a War Factory and Barracks they can build apcs or when Nod has a Airfield and a Hand of Nod they can build APC as well. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Solo. How do you know if there are errors? I made a back up and I took out all the scripts and seems to be working now?
  3. I recently created a Custom Mission for Tiberian Dawn however when I playing it I am getting an Application Data error within five minutes of testing it. So I wonder what I have done wrong? I created it using CCMAP V.3.
  4. Thanks I'll check that out!
  5. Hi, I have a new Windows 7 computer and when I Play C&C TD or RA1 the scroll rate is just fast. I have tried CC and RASetup Back Buffer which is already ticked. Tried changing the scroll rate in both Games to slowest that does nothing. What do I do? its such a pain in the arse. Bloody Windows 7. Thanks, I am at my wits end with it.