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    1.06c development topic

    It would be great if there would be all music titles selectable, for example "act on instinct" (aoi.aud) AND "act on instinct sfx" (aoi.var).
  2. As you may know, unlike CRT monitors, running low resulutions on LCD monitors, will result in a blurry image. So I will run Red Alert 2 on a high resolution, which will give me a sharp image. I would be glad if there would be a mod which would stretch the movies to high resolutions (with retained aspect ratio, of couse) Well, I don't have a widescreen monitor. However, 4:3 isn't bad.
  3. Ahh right. One can use the right mouse button for scrolling. I forgot about that. Thx for reminding me. In Tiberian Dawn there was no right mouse scroll. Hmm.., I believe I stick with the ScrollMultiplier.
  4. "StretchMovies=yes" in ra2.ini does not work for Red Alert 2. A mod which would get "StretchMovies=yes" to work, in order to have fullscreen videos with retained aspect ratio, would be nice.
  5. ScrollMultiplier works, but you need a original rules.ini file with preconfigured entries (mine has over 23000 rows). A single "ScrollMultiplier" entry would lead to an internal error. Thx for this information, Nmenth.
  6. A mod which would add - a faster than the fastest scroll rate - would be nice. The fastest is not fast enough, for me.
  7. deepblue22

    Red Alert Buglist

    Aaahha..!, why didn't you tell me straightaway. Now I know what's going on. At the Appearance tab of the Display Properties, the font size. Good to know that this can cause a crash in games. It's set on normal though.
  8. deepblue22

    Red Alert Buglist

    What do you mean with large fonts; when there are new (large) fonts in the "C:\WINDOWS\Fonts" directory? I mean when I use new fonts I will start Word and select the specific font. You mean some fonts in the "C:\WINDOWS\Fonts" directory could cause a crash in games? As I mentioned before, I guess this random freeze issue has to do with an animated tray icon. And really nobody else get a freeze while running PopTray?
  9. deepblue22

    Red Alert Buglist

    Large fonts? What has this to do with Red Alert? ATI Radeon 9600XT. I tried all compatibility modes for RA95.exe. But the game also starts without a compatibility mode set. I think the compatibility mode is only needed when a game doesn't start or won't install. I can't set a compatibility mode for RA95.dat because there is no compatibility tab. I guess this random freeze issue has to do with an animated tray icon. If I disable the animation, I'll get no freeze. Old Windows PowerTools? Never heard of it. Give me the link to the app.
  10. Doesn't work. I thought the code is the same except it's The first decade in English and Die ersten 10 Jahre in German.
  11. deepblue22

    Red Alert Buglist

    Hmm... that's strange. I get a freeze as you see in the videos. I loaded the savegame, played a little bit and BAM! freeze. When I close PopTray I don't get any freezes. Maybe because I have Windows XP, maybe because I have an Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.90GHz, maybe because of the 1 GB RAM. Anyone else testet it? Nyerguds, please take a look at the videos. See, there's no error message, it just freezes.
  12. deepblue22

    Red Alert Buglist

    Yeah, as long as it isn't the random freeze bug where no instruction error message appears. Random freeze issue – The Test Please download Red Alert - random freeze.rar and follow the Readme.txt Could anybody reproduce this issue?
  13. Sounds good. What about the german 3.03 version (TFD)?
  14. Could you or somebody else make it possible now? I would like to have only one shortcut for Red Alert.
  15. deepblue22

    Red Alert Buglist

    v3.03 German (Command & Conquer: Die ersten 10 Jahre (UnCut Patch 1.2) ) Unfortunately, the radar error isn't the radom error. The radom error is absolutely not determinable. It freezed for example when I simply put the cursor to the edge of the map. In rasetup.exe I had Back Buffer in Video Memory enabled. Maybe now the radom freezes are gone.