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    Command & Conquer Games 75% Off on Steam

    I may be new to this forums but not new to CNC games. I am going to side with Sonic - is not worth spamming over and over again. Think of CNC4 as an underdog small mod, maybe that would stop the whining. Do not let games bring you down, you are control of what makes you happy and how you find enjoyment. no more like this: Back on topic: steam is the itunes of games +discounts, no wonder they are very successful. If you havent played CNC4, try it out and appreciate the theme of the game regardless of how it deviates to your norm and fuzzy comforting feeling of traditional cnc games. Appreciate that its a games with whole set of new rules and mechanics. Anything CNC is worth trying out. Amen A personal example was this game called Star wars galactic battlegrounds - I tried it and hated it. Game was just age of empires spraypainted with a starwars theme however, i still appreciated it. I still had some levels of enjoyment.
  2. Jungalist81

    EA releases a $100 DLC! Need For Speed World

    I agree, game developers create new content for their games and share it to players. I know the implication of this post; "who the hell would buy a $100 dlc for a car". To put things in perspective, many nongamers would say, "who would buy 1000+ gaming computer or video games". Value is in the eye of the beholder. If you do not want to play it, then dont buy it. Most DLC contents are not worth buying; at a friends house going through the playstation store, many dlc were just useless avatar and wallpaper skins. Granted, my friend bought a MW3 wallpaper but it was only 2 bucks. My point is it should be obvious that trinkets like these are created for customers who wishes more than just a video game; their enjoyment of the game is so great that they willing to pay extra. If these DLC are purchased then they will have serve their purpose. Gamers must stop complaining and whining about DLC that they dont want to buy; they must understand that what may be worthless to you will be worth something to others. One example (sorry im still trying to find the source) was the most expensive DLC content bought was worth $160,000? I think it was for an online virtual world where the gamer purchased a virtual sports stadium, a mall and a mansion. Another personal example was my Minecraft server. I created a MC server last year, I offered virtual trinkets and bonuses. People have donated as much as $100 to me for that. Our passion for mc was so great that these bonuses was worth lots of money. Fyi, the money donated to me was sent right back to the server, every month i had to upgrade the server due to population and the last month before i quit the game i was paying around $150.00
  3. This is the 100th time I read a comment about a game stealing ideas from another game. I think that these acusations are warped and heavily misinterpreted and it needs some explanation so that nobody will ever say it again. Lets star with discussing these simple questions: 1. Can a game really have an idea that was taken or 'stolen' from other games? 2. What is the definition of stealing? 3. Name some examples of something stealing. Was it really a ripoff or just overlapped idea that the origin can be found in multiple games? 4. What is the difference between stealing and something being similar? 4a. Would you consider two games that fit in the same genre having stolen ideas from each other? In my opinion, I think the word 'stealing' is out-of-place with obvious evidence. Many ideas just simply overlap and it can be very ridiculous to accuse a game or game company from taking an idea from somewhere else as if they are "stealing". An obvious example would be rts games. Here is a post from team liquid talking about this http://www.teamliqui...topic_id=247859 the author titled it "Ideas borroed from other rts games" but further explained himself saying that, "[ideas are just similar]" I put it in this category because I just read a comment on another forum saying "hey CNC4 is a ripoff of from Starcraft 2. Its like saying, "hey! this game has military people, it stole the idea from [insert the name of 9000 shooting games]." I have minored in psych and respectively in a psych point of view I think there is more emotions involved in stating that politically incorrect statement. In my opinion, players stating this accusation are simply saying: "hey this game concept was used in [this other game], I am unsatisfied by that and since im just a 12 year old boy I suddenly have an irrational feeling of hating this game and the company and its game developers out of nowhere."
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    Red Alert 3 review

    Thank you for the pleasant welcome. I found this forum when researching about Red Alert. I stumbled upon that old post and here we are now Forgive me for impulse post; these threads get me fired up About me: Like everyone else here I play video games. Ever since I can remember, I have participated in many game communities. I usually troll around trying to find some insights and share my love, interest, philosophy of the art of making games but most of the time its 13 year old kids making rants like these: hrmm its video games afterall what can I expect. Maybe I should shift interests to politics... nah lol. So anyway, like mentioned above, I have been playing Command and conquer when it came out, I even played that online skirmish red alert 1 version (it was crappy but the idea of playing with someone online was fresh and unique). If I look back at my history of comments and posts from awhile ago, I was one of those people who would rant about how a game sucked and how it didnt have this and that and blah blah. Its an embarrassing reminder but its the reality of many people: people these days are a critic and get hypnotized by what everyone says online thanks to review gaming sites and review site of everything: yelp.com. I hope everyone can see past that and actually play a game rather than judge. Right now I am playing Skyrim along with old pc games: riven, Syberia, Cyberia (no it didnt mispell), I am also playing CIvilization IV and RA3 again. I used to play starcraft 2 and tried making custom maps but then the overal gaming community for that was terrible; too much complaining and bit*hing. Then I tried my luck on Minecraft. I played that for over a year and even created my own server. I even made a video of myself going to the Penny Arcade Expo 2011. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f--SJksCTU0 Not trying to advertise, my server has been disbanded for awhile now. The MC (minecraft) community was very good especially the mod community. Unlike the s 2 mod community, MC community focused on helping each other with their plugins and gave suggestions and worked together. back on track... In conclusion, I will continue to come here and give some positive feedback, thoughts and conceptual ideas. I still have to play through the Japan campaign then play the uprising for the 1st time.
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    Red Alert 3 review

    (Note: This topic has been moved from the news forum, as it bumped a thread from 2008. It is still worthy of discussion ~Zee) Preface: I apologize for the necroing but I just replayed the RA3 campaign and Id like to say a few things. Ive been playing games since the early 90s. I dislike the culture of this decade of gamers or people in general; we are now heavily influence by the voice of critics It is never a good idea to compare pc games in the 90s and games played right now; they are two distinct gaming cultures. Back then we had two things that enhanced and defined our video games back then: special effects and pace. Special effects - Take Command and conquer 1 for example, think back when you had your windows 95 computer with only 72MB of RAM. It was slow as hell to startup and opening each folder took a couple of seconds. Very frustrating lol... but when you pop in the command and conquer cd into the CD-rom and hit play, you were immersed in a virtual world war... a quicktime movie shows you flipping through channels "Wow! its like I am watching TV on my Packard Bell Computer!" Then a real-life actor briefs you on a mission where you must take on a beach. Game loads and you see the battlefield. "Wow the graphics are improved from ms-dos 8-bit to 32-bit. Wow, even the pictures on the right are real photos of people and wow they are talking to me on stereo sound!!!" It was a nuclear explosion of entertainment; it was a real life simulation of a futuristic battlefield. It was a popular rts game and the 1st rts game to many people. It was new, it was fresh and it used state of the art graphics. Another random example is Donkey Kong Country for the super nintendo. If you can recall, the box cover stated "3D GRAPHICS!" which was basically rendered animation of DK and the scrolling environment. Pace - With respect to games nowadays, 90s games were much slower and had an elegant pace for the player to play through. Take Command and Conquer 1 for example, when you built your base, it would literally take a few minutes to just set it up. The Speed of computers were obviously slow and even toggling the speed on the menu still didnt do anything (at least on my grandfather computer it didnt). It would take a minute for a soldier to walk a distance of 6 barracks (thats was when APCs were really useful). Another great example is Journeyman project 1 (my fav game of all time). This point-n-click adventure game had top of the line rendered environment as well as great cinema movies. People playing through that game was preoccupied by its special effects. Gamers would immerse themselves inside the world walking around on the same paths many times. Gamers would write notes down (the instruction manual encouraged it). Play the same games now and it would probably take people about 2 hours to beat the journeyman game lol. I played cnc1 again and I was breezing through the game pumping out vehicles, running over enemies, going past base defenses and then killing fact and racks lol (granted I know the mechanics very well so its a no brainer) A fast and crowded gaming community - Game companies must keep up with the demand and the demand is overthetop special effects and fast action that comes and goes. For the past couple years I have been observing popular video games. This is the trend I have been seeing: 1.A game would be announced: 2. Depending how much money the company has on advertising, it will be seen advertised on many game sites, game stores and game magazines. 3. Video game community will voiced their prediction reviews and fight to the virtual death on score "no it should get 95.2% not 95.3%! Your a noob because blah blah blah. 4. Inadvertantely gamers will know so much about the game without it coming out (just like how star wars nerds like me knew Samuel L jacksons jedi name was Mace Windu when it wasnt even mentioned on the 1st movie). 5. That popular game would come out, 90% will buy it because of the hype, 10% will buy it just to say they played it and rage about it on youtube and on sites about how stupid the game is (funny since that 10% Back then games were valuable novelties, not like a rock concert that comes with much anticipation and is short lived. Games werent raped by semantics and esoteric reasons that make it a good or bad game. Games are for entertainment, not religious relics that must be judged. News Flash: Its just a game. Appreciation is Key - Accomplishing those goals back then in the 90s were extremely hard and tedious. We must appeciate and give our thanks to the artists and developers of games back then; they didnt have a lot of developing tools like we have today. The other day, the movie: Dragonheart was playing on TV. Its a 1995 movie that had a CGI dragon (voiced by Sean Connery). Check it out, the CGI is as well done and even better than movies seen today. Perhaps its depends on the rendering tools and back then artist had little or no programming shortcuts and enchancers; they had to make it by hand (no more ranting on this, that can be another topic) Appreciate Red Alert 3 - Every game is inevitably bad if you try to compare it to other games; you will always find a reason why other games are better. In my opinion, what makes a great game is if it fulfills its purpose: Is it entertaining? Defining Entertainment (what nots): 1. It is not entertaining to compare one game to another. 2. It is not entertaining to try to comparea sequel game to its predecessors. 3. It is not entertaining to give a game a numerical number that has no significant or solid meaning. 4. It is not entertaining to bad mouth a game (if its bad, why waste your time being upset about it and continue talking about it?) Bottomline - Red Alert 3 was entertaining. What im aware of but disregard: 1. Dont care that the depth of strategy will never go the distance like Starcraft 2 does. There will be no masters in this game as the game itself is quite simplified compared to that game. 2. There are tons of other great games and movies that came out in 2008 the bioshock, fallout was great, oblivion was amazing. I watched at least 10 movies that year, so I can see why it wasnt one of the top games. (I added movies for the financial aspect, people would rather spend 20 bucks for movie, candy, poporn, drink) 3. I dont care that a lot of other gamers wont play RTS and will stick with FPS games all the way. 4. I dont care about veteran CNC fanboys complaining that the new CNC games didnt have this or that (dont get me started on CNC4) Everything big and small about Red Alert 3 was flawless on my opinion. If you remove the irrelevant variables of comparing other games and focus on the game and how entertaining it is, you fan boys will appeciate it more like me. This game did in fact took gameplay strategy to a whole new improved level. The graphics of the main menu and music maintain the integrity of the franchise (an over the top animation of kirov bombardments and all 3 faction symbols with a new hell march remix). The 1st mission where you see a guy get launched from the cannon vehicle made the game authentic. It was as ridiculous as seeing the Tesla Coil for the 1st time. Red Alert 3 was a great game. The developers maintained and polished the franchise even further.